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wednesday 3 April 2019, 17:51 hourFrancesco Sinibaldi
In the part of a melody... ( third version ) Near the ledge of an ancient farmhouse the juvenile blackbird is singing with joy and this tender happiness, like a delicate breath, touches the heaven to cover the light of a fugitive feeling: you live in the silence, your hesitant motion is coming alone to find in the freedom your usual strength... Francesco Sinibaldi
monday 25 March 2019, 18:05 hourFrancesco Sinibaldi
In the part of a melody... ( other version ) Near the ledge of an ancient farmhouse the juvenile blackbird is singing with joy and this tender happiness, like a delicate breath, touches the heaven to cover the light of a fugitive feeling... Francesco Sinibaldi
tuesday 13 November 2018, 12:55 hourliam
you guys should go to talgarth mental asylum its located in powys brecon
wednesday 15 August 2018, 16:44 hourSugaring
Nice pictures
sunday 5 August 2018, 18:27 hourMarina Kingston
Wonderful work. A really great job of bringing out the natural beauty of these places. Makes me want to pack a bag and leave now so as to see what you have seen. Looking forward to more.
friday 23 February 2018, 6:28 hourMaxine White
Tempest Fugit arrived in Brisbane Australia in perfect condition, I don’t believe I will ever tire of scouring your photos for the small details not immediately visible. This book transports me back in time to imagine the lives of those who inhabited or spent time in these amazing buildings. It leaves a sense of sadness and the hope that they may be restored to their former glory. Here’s hoping you find your creative publisher for a 4th book!
tuesday 16 January 2018, 23:23 hourRob Bowman
Tempus Fugit has arrived in Canada's capital city Ottawa- my third book of yours and really love it. Beautifully presented on the inside and out. Every page is a different adventure as you take us inside places few have visited for years. That you continue to capture such remarkable beauty in neglected decrepit places is one of your many gifts as a photographer. Wishing you much success with your latest creation and beyond.
monday 8 January 2018, 16:03 hourPeter Guilbert
Tempus Fugit just arrived in Guernsey. Just waiting for 24 hrs to allow ambient to act before opening. Can't wait!! Packaging good and no signs of damage on outside. Thanks. Peter
sunday 7 January 2018, 15:01 hourMats Linde
Tempus Fugit #21 has landed in Kalmar, Sweden. The book is massive, and I love the box... Now I´m saving up for a acrylic glass photo - I have just the wall for it.
thursday 21 December 2017, 2:54 hourRachel Gibson
Just received my book and have spent 2 hours devouring it. Thank you for your work, you have enabled me to be able to see the past, without leaving my home. As I get older it is not easy to get access into places that stir the imagination. So once again Thanks. I love your work.
friday 10 November 2017, 22:46 hourMary Ann Ely
I just discovered your photography today and I love it! A friend sent me the phone of the shrouded people in the church. I then found the Daily Mail article and I was hooked. I would love to the volume of work that contains the images from the Daily Mail Article, at least as a starting point. I love abandoned buildings. Beautiful work! Mary Ann Ely
friday 10 November 2017, 22:46 hourMary Ann Ely
I just discovered your photography today and I love it! A friend sent me the phone of the shrouded people in the church. I then found the Daily Mail article and I was hooked. I would love to the volume of work that contains the images from the Daily Mail Article, at least as a starting point. I love abandoned buildings. Beautiful work! Mary Ann Ely
thursday 2 November 2017, 11:15 hourEllie
Hi, I have always found your work interesting, ever since my GCSE years, and I love your work, and the sense of abandonment and making sure the location you are in, you capture the moment and never change anything about the sceneary
thursday 3 August 2017, 6:20 hourjasmine
great colours and angles! work of art
tuesday 1 August 2017, 9:52 hourJasmine
I'm constantly amazed by your work and the wonderful beauty that you are a able to capture. Simply stunning
thursday 25 May 2017, 14:57 hourChristy Waehner
Please add me to you mailing list. I had been on it, (somehow), got off it, and miss seeing your work on a regular basis!! Thanks!
wednesday 24 May 2017, 14:29 hourLuke Peers
Hello Niki could you please add me to you mailing list. I love you work and you love to lean more from you. Either through a Newsletter or a podcasts. Regards Luke
tuesday 23 May 2017, 19:46 hourDee
i love your work. I have been fascinated by the same things, but havent the nerve to do anything about it. Bravo to you.
thursday 23 March 2017, 13:53 hourKaren Bryant
Hello. I just enjoyed exploring your photographs of abandoned estates online . They were captivating. Thank you.
friday 10 March 2017, 15:37 hourKatie
Really inspiring art! These shadows...
friday 30 September 2016, 12:54 hourJD
Your work is awe-inspiring and incredible! Keep up the great work because you have a gift and a keen eye for urban exploration... :-)
wednesday 31 August 2016, 11:34 hourn0timportant
Great photos, love your 'abandoned' work :-)
sunday 28 August 2016, 8:35 hourKim
I look at your work and I'm stunned by the beauty captured in them. With your amazing talent you can share these neglected but wonderful places with us and with your photos preserve them forever.
wednesday 10 August 2016, 2:29 hourMichael Carter
Love your work.
sunday 7 August 2016, 9:20 hourIlan
Loved it, I just came across your work on an Israeli media site, and it seems so interesting. I would have loved to see one of your exhibitions, or maybe even a lecture. From responses I see, I think people in Israel would really love to see it (wink)
saturday 11 June 2016, 19:25 hourSteinunn E Norðdahl
Simply stunning and amazing pictures much love ftom Iceland
sunday 22 May 2016, 20:24 hourMaya & Ran
Hey Niki, We just got the book and we're mesmerized! The photos are absolutely amazing. You enabled us to go on a journey and see these abandoned beautiful places before they get lost in time and disintegrate. Thank you so much! Cheers! Maya and Ran, Israel
saturday 21 May 2016, 21:08 hourCristina Laurenza
Hello Niki, tus fotos son fabulosas. Me transportan al tiempo en que estas villas o Palacios disfrutaban del esplendor y la vida. Saludos desde Argentina!
monday 16 May 2016, 12:47 hourAndrew Mahoney
Simply some of the most inspiring photos of decay! Love them.
saturday 7 May 2016, 14:06 hourWill Schilder
Hoi, Niki. Ik heb gekeken op je site ,en ik ben er helemaal weg van. ,,geweldig,, heb nog niet alles gezien,maar je hoord nog van me. P.s. Wat ben je een mooie vent geworden ,jammer ik hoorde van jou Pa en Ma dat je getrouwd bent. Groetjes Will.
monday 2 May 2016, 21:52 hourChelsea
Hello from Los Angeles, Niki! Your photos are stunning! I've always loved abandoned places, and your work is beautiful and inspiring. It's so wonderful to be able to see these places before they are lost to time.
tuesday 22 March 2016, 19:51 hourRené
Hi Niki, we hebben elkaar ontmoet bij Ptah en heb zojuist Frozen uitgelezen. Prachtig boek, bijzonder (en verdrietig) thema, heel mooi werk en erg leuk de uitleg die je bij Du Loup hebt gegeven. Genieten dus, hou me vooral op de hoogte van nieuw werk en nieuwe boeken
friday 18 March 2016, 11:12 hourMarcel Vermeer
En weer is daar het kippenvel moment....Bedankt Pik ! xx
tuesday 15 March 2016, 18:24 hourKen nix
Very nice work !
sunday 28 February 2016, 21:12 hourHello Niki
Hello, Niki - I was very taken by your derelict building images. I would like to write a short piece about you on my blog graphic journey and feature some of the shots with a link to your site. Would that be okay with you? Regards Mike
wednesday 3 February 2016, 17:20 hourTheresa Terhark
Hello from Minnesota, USA.....your'e photographs are truly mesmerizing....I have just recently discovered my love of abandoned places....can't get enough of it!!!!
wednesday 27 January 2016, 21:19 hourElizabeth
I absolutely love your photographs! Beautiful! Enrapturing! I sat and looked through your entire gallery. Big fan here in Florida, US!
saturday 26 December 2015, 21:50 hourChristine Walters
Niki - Great work. Just ordered one of your books and looking forward to seeing it. Cheers, Christine
friday 4 December 2015, 19:12 hourKara Ullom
Thank you for sharing your photographs. They are awe inspiring. I am so glad I found you on Facebook through a friend.
tuesday 1 December 2015, 14:33 hourFotokomorka
Nice places and pictures! Greetx from Poland
friday 27 November 2015, 10:33 hourAimee
Thank you for sharing your amazing photos. I am an A level photography student studying old and forgotten and your page has given me such inspiration. It has inspired me to go out and discover similar places, in particular morgues and old hospitals. Keep up the amazing photography! You are an inspiration to us all. From, Aimee Burrell
wednesday 18 November 2015, 4:40 hourCheryl Blevins
Your photographs are outstanding. I can almost feel each room as it was when it was occupied. How lucky you are to have the opportunity to visit such beautiful and haunting places. I have long been fascinated with places like those you photograph and can spend hours cruising the Internet enjoying other people's experiences. Keep up the good work.
wednesday 28 October 2015, 15:47 hourSanne van Rees
Prachtige foto's!
saturday 26 September 2015, 9:48 hourVictoria Watson
Hello! I am a Photography Major at Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama. I find your art exquisite and very inspiring. I have a big interest in 'urban exploration' and have done a little myself. I am including you as an artist who inspires me in a class presentation! Please don't stop making beautiful art. Sincerely, Victoria Watson
wednesday 2 September 2015, 11:36 hourFotokomorka
Nice photos and places! Greetz from Poland!
thursday 20 August 2015, 3:25 hourMichael Fox
Your incredible site & Facebook page are newly discovered pleasures for me. Your photos are stunning. My compliments on your amazing art works. Just sayin'....
thursday 13 August 2015, 20:51 hourAlma Veronica
Me encantan las fotografias y me invade un sentimiento de querer visitar estos lugares, escribo desde el corazon de la ciudad de Mexico y pocas veces se ven lugares abandonados como los que estan aqui.
wednesday 12 August 2015, 18:32 hourKathy McDevitt
Every time I see one of your photographs my heart beats so fast. You are an incredible artist who captures everything I love in decay and hidden treasures. The HDR is wonderful. Just wanted to let you know that I'm extremely over the moon when I spend time on your photos.
tuesday 21 July 2015, 21:31 hourDoug Wilson
Simply wonderful They are not only fantastically composed pics but also a great record of works of art and to which we pay poor homage.Love the disused boiler but what did it almost looks as if it was for a steam driven sub
wednesday 15 July 2015, 23:39 hourAndrew Stone
Fantastic atmospheric photographs! Each one a real work of art in terms of composition and lighting, which fire the imagination to create so many stories. It would be a real pity if these strange and beautiful buildings were allowed to continue their decline and then get demolished, to be lost forever. You have an amazing ability to capture 'frozen moments' in time.
thursday 9 July 2015, 12:25 hourAlfonso Momeñe
Superb work.
wednesday 1 July 2015, 20:44 hourTodd Castro
I just found out about you the other day. Your Chernobyl project was incredible. A masterful piece.
thursday 18 June 2015, 22:53 hourTerri Back
Your pictures are amazing. I know people think old abandoned places are creepy I think they are amazing and sad at the same time. I enjoyed looking at your pictures, thanks for taking the interest and allowing us to go on the journey through you pictures.
monday 25 May 2015, 23:40 hourBronwyn Morgan
You have an amazing eye and appreciation for sacred spaces. Thank you. Be safe.
friday 24 April 2015, 1:29 hourAssunta Bernardo
I think your work is absolutely spectacular and mesmerizing. I look at your photographs trying to image what life was like before. I get lost looking at the images. I do wish you gave a little more information as to the location/country of the photograph. I do understand for safety and security you can't give an exact location, where in the world these treasures are located would be great to know. Love your work, envy you for having the opportunity to see these amazing places up close. What a thrill that would be!
monday 23 March 2015, 20:33 hourLisa Burton
I am absolutely amazed by your photography! You make the abandoned buildings look hauntingly beautiful. Please continue to amaze all with your work. Thanks!
friday 13 March 2015, 4:03 hourSusan Cromby
How sad all this is. Plus, I don't understand why people would simply up and leave all their stuff behind. Those pictures of kitchens with plates and table settings, or the beds fully made up with bedspreads , shoes tucked under chairs waiting for somebody to wear them again--knickknacks on shelves, books all over the place. And all the undamaged religious statuary, crosses and whatnot. Isn't that stuff reclaimable? I can't imagine all the stuff that could be removed and sold from these places if money is an issue. Fancy woodwork, marble, parquet flooring, wrought iron banisters. And it just rots. How utterly sad.
wednesday 4 March 2015, 16:20 hourPieter Baltissen
Today I received a copy of Frozen. The beauty of decline. Your work is gorgeous, this is art. Thank you for this!
wednesday 4 March 2015, 9:30 hourMarcel Vermeer
Can get enough !
friday 27 February 2015, 1:24 hourRini
your photo's are fantastic
thursday 26 February 2015, 7:17 hourStephen
Just received a copy of Frozen. What an inspirational book. I love your work Niki which breaths life into what many would pass by and disregard. Great stuff.
friday 6 February 2015, 21:57 hourMichael Walden
Came across your work while studying for my final year of a photography Degree and recently found you on 500px, I love the natural lighting in your work and how each photo no mater how many time you look just draws you in just amazing photography
wednesday 21 January 2015, 11:29 hourInês Mósca
Beautiful photo's. Simply amazing. There are no words to describe it.
monday 12 January 2015, 18:09 hourMalcolm Hay
I came across your work via 500px (the M C Escher shot) and followed the trail. So glad I did.
saturday 10 January 2015, 2:06 hourRebecca McCloud
Hello, I wanted to simply say that as a novice photographer and student of the arts I am inspired by your work. The Chernobyl work that you have done is something that is beyond words for me. I hope that one day I can be half the photographer that you are, and can lend inspiration to others the way you have given it to me and my work.
sunday 4 January 2015, 16:41 hourDoris
Never thought molded rooms could be so beautiful. Whenever you exhibit in Munich please let me know.
monday 29 December 2014, 18:43 hourLISA
Your work is Amazing! I follow you on facebook and can never get enough at your pictures. Then places you visit are breath taking and you bring to life the places that have been abandon. I have always loved those types of places and like to image what life was like there before everyone left and your pictures tell that story. I would so love to travel the world and see these places.
sunday 14 December 2014, 21:13 hourJen
I love looking at your work...I like to think about who were the people who might have been there... The pictures of the old houses and bedrooms and livingrooms, make me think about what conversation might have taken place...thank you...
sunday 14 December 2014, 7:07 hourShannon
Amazing!! Please bring one of your exhibitions to Los Angeles,CA!!!
tuesday 25 November 2014, 0:30 hourMelina
Bravo ! Magnifique photos !! Une journee avec vous , a vous suivre shootant dans ces endroits fantastic de souvenirs, de nostalgie dois etre une journee extraordinaire ! Bravo :)
wednesday 5 November 2014, 14:44 hourAmelie
I have received my amazing limited edition, the nicest book in my shelf.
tuesday 4 November 2014, 19:33 hourElise
I received my copy of Frozen; thank you so much for sharing the wonderful photos and stories. Beautiful work.
thursday 30 October 2014, 16:14 hourKonstantin Sudakov
Received my copy of Frozen. Amazing ! Thank you!
thursday 30 October 2014, 2:15 hourAmanda
I received my copy of Frozen a short time ago and left it sitting on my coffee table just waiting for the perfect moment to open it and start my journey. That moment happened this morning and it was wonderful. Thank you for a breathtaking book.
monday 27 October 2014, 15:38 hourAndy Cole
Somebody sent me a link to your site and I've spend a couple of hours enjoying your photos. So beautiful and so sad at the same time.
wednesday 22 October 2014, 22:47 hourLauren
You're pictures are amazing and incredibly haunting. I've always had a fascination with old and abandoned buildings and you have captured them perfectly.
sunday 19 October 2014, 19:28 hourEmily
Urban exploration turned art on an unparalleled level. It is pure delight to visit (and re-visit) your site!
wednesday 15 October 2014, 0:45 hourRobert Killheffer
Got my copy of Frozen today. It's lovely!
thursday 9 October 2014, 20:39 hourJade
I have spent my entire evening looking through your work and I am so in love with what you do. As everyone else has said - I always knew time travel was possible in some sense! Beautiful photos, you capture the atmospheres perfectly and I am so jealous of the places you have visited
monday 6 October 2014, 15:07 hourStefan Dienst
Got the Limited Edition. Gorgeous!
friday 3 October 2014, 21:53 hourstuart painter
thank you for a beautiful book ,something to treasure for a life time..
friday 3 October 2014, 0:18 hourRegina
Wow! I always knew that time-travelling is possible. I was so fascinated by your pictures that I just couldn't stop admiring all of the 342 photographs
thursday 2 October 2014, 16:15 hourJustin Medcraft
I purchased the Limited Edition Frozen book for my wife and waited with anticipation for its arrival. When it arrived I was immediately impressed with both the presentation of the box and also the covering of the book. The contents are amazing and have surpassed any expectation. What a wonderful 'niche' area of photography. I'm just so glad that I took the plunge and made this wonderful purchase.
monday 29 September 2014, 23:18 hourDavid Anderson
A love for abandonment, if only we could save what will be lost. Beautiful work, a true mentor you are in my book.
thursday 25 September 2014, 20:08 hourJeane
Parabéns pelo trabalho!!!! Maravilhoso!!!! Grande abraço! Jeane. Brasília - Brasil
wednesday 24 September 2014, 16:13 hournicke
Wow je foto's zijn prachtig! Ze vertellen zo ontzettend veel...ik werd helemaal meegenomen naar andere (misschien wel nooit bestaande) tijden. De sfeer die je weet te vangen is een sfeer die ik ooit hoop te kunnen vangen in woorden. Echt heel mooi =)
tuesday 23 September 2014, 13:19 hourAmar
Just bought your second book (already have the first) ! Absolutely stunning pictures... envious of the places you travel to and talent ! Looking forward to book three ? Keep up the amazing work !
monday 22 September 2014, 17:28 hourHanna
Awesome photos! I looked through all the ones in the gallery, and every single one is absolutely amazing!
thursday 18 September 2014, 15:17 hourRonen Doron
Wowwww...... I was exposed to your site From the moment I saw your amazing photos I feel that this style identification My Photo I envy you that you could get to get to amazing places I'm a photographer in Israel, where there are abandoned I wanted to express my impression of your amazing work You can get an impression of my photographs on Facebook "ronen doron"
tuesday 2 September 2014, 1:06 hourKeren Reynolds
Awesome, Amazing!! You do a Wonderful Job. Cant wait for more.
thursday 28 August 2014, 12:32 hourMary Blume
tuesday 26 August 2014, 4:07 hourAshley A. Walker
I was so enamored with your photos that I sat and looked through all 342 of them in your gallery! These shots are absolutely AMAZING! You are quite a talented photographer and very lucky to have had the opportunity to capture these images. If only I had the money to restore some of these abandoned castles!
friday 22 August 2014, 16:45 hourSharmain
Absolutely amazing photos, I love the beauty decay holds and how you capture it. Would someday love to get your book(s) (sold out for now, I'm devastated!) And I would also most definitely love to go to your exhibitions. Thank you for sharing your photos with us!
wednesday 6 August 2014, 13:12 hourpatrick
Hey niki De nieuwe look ziet er goed uit man.
sunday 3 August 2014, 15:19 hourLois Bryan
Niki ... congratulations on all your well-earned successes. I've been a fan for awhile and am so in awe of your fabulous new images. If there's a way to get on a mailing list, sign me up!!! Again, congratulations ... and keep shooting ... the preservation of the lost beauty you capture is priceless.
sunday 3 August 2014, 14:31 hourKith
Amazing! I could not stop watching the pictures in your gallery! The untold stories in every picture makes it very emotional. So many beautiful places (and some of them a bit creepy)
wednesday 30 July 2014, 23:17 hourmako
Amazing pics. wish i can join with u on next trips. would love to take pics of abandoned places
wednesday 30 July 2014, 4:26 hourkathy spina
Amazing, you are a true artist. I truly enjoyed every photo. It's sad that so many of those places are being vandalized versus salvaged. The wood work and stained glass are extraordinary. It is a shame they won't survive to the future.
friday 25 July 2014, 13:06 hoursandy swindell
Your photography touches me. Each photo is so beautifully crafted, each having a story to tell. Absolutely love your work.
friday 18 July 2014, 17:44 hourDra. Jennifer Tavarez
Hermoso trabajo. Felicitaciones. Esperamos una exposición en Uruguay!
thursday 17 July 2014, 22:29 hourMariel Cabrera
Increible el trabajo, las imágenes, los lugares la composición, todo!!! Saludos de una estudiante de Arquitectura en Uruguay.
thursday 17 July 2014, 22:20 hourGustavo Garcia
Feijen, increible trabajo. Felicitaciones. Mensaje de un ceramista Uruguayo. Abrazo.
thursday 17 July 2014, 22:14 hourJuan Martín Rodríguez
Amigo Feijen, me encantó su trabajo!! Vivo en Uruguay y me encataría ver fotografías suyas de mi País. Felicitaciones!!
thursday 17 July 2014, 21:07 hourFernando Freire
Sr. Feijen debo decirle que he quedado maravillado con su trabajo. Son todas espectaculares las fotos, los lugares, los angulos de las tomas. Solo tengo palabras de admiracion hacia su trabajo. Ojala tuviera los lugares y el tiempo para poder hacer lo mismo. Mis saludos coordiales y espero seguir viendo mas fotos suyas.
thursday 17 July 2014, 20:13 hourshelley negongo
My friend, first and foremost, you're work is absolutely amazing! These pictures and beautiful, eerie and everything in between. i myself love these types of photographs, if only i could do what you do, i would be living a dream. please, dont stop doing what you're doing, seeing these pictures only makes me want to see more!!
thursday 17 July 2014, 19:55 hourDennis Baker
I came across your site buy pure chance and I'm glad I looked at your photos. There are some beautiful buildings its a shame that for one reason or other they were left to rot. Your photos are truly beautiful.
thursday 17 July 2014, 19:04 hourWendy Reeve
Fantastic photo's Niki. They are a window to look back through time. I loved them all. Would like to accompany you on your photographic trips! How do you find out where to look? I will keep looking at your site now that I have found something so fascinating. Thank you for your foresight in publishing them.
wednesday 16 July 2014, 22:11 hourLina Preciado
This is the first time I see this kind of photos. At home, we love antiques n this is a nice journey to the past and how things around a place seem to be "waiting". Amazing light effects and I really hope, one day, to get your books here in Colombia. I cannot wait to see more of your work. I work for a magazine and they could be interested to show about you and your photos.
wednesday 16 July 2014, 20:01 hourGary Valentine
I discovered you site today and I am blown away by your photo's. Amazing pictures that just get the imagination racing with thoughts of lives and life gone by. The travelling and places you have been to achieve these great photo's is amazing. Please keep up this hard work as the results are second to none. I look forward to your next instalment.
wednesday 16 July 2014, 18:55 hourAna Albarran
I just discover your photos and oh my god! I love them, my imagination flies wondering how was life on those places, and makes me feel a little melancholic...and I think that's the point of your photos. If you ever thought about visiting México you can found a lot of abandoned places. Blessings and keep sharing your great job!
wednesday 16 July 2014, 13:48 hourAlexander Mitchell
I found your site by "accident". Frozen in time is fantastic, keep up the good work. It is a reminder for whn mother nature finall claims them back.
wednesday 16 July 2014, 13:32 hourJenny Davies
Your photography is poignant and beautiful. There are many interesting sights in Wales if you have ever thought about visiting here? Just up the road from my office is the old Palace Theatre in Swansea High Street - a marvellous building that is becoming more decayed every time I pass - come and have a look!!. Thank you for sharing you artistry and talent.
tuesday 15 July 2014, 20:15 hourLucy Martin
Just wanted to say how pleased I am to have discovered you and your work! I have juts sat Here in awe this evening looking through your Gallery. Truly beautiful, the eerie feel to your photos intruiges me, cant wait to purchase your new book, just wow x
tuesday 15 July 2014, 19:43 hourLin Daniel
Thank you for sharing these photos. Thank you for what you do. Don't stop, please. I feel so passionate when I see these beautiful places that I can never experience first hand. I crave to know the story behind each one or hear what the walls would say if they could talk! Bless you!
tuesday 15 July 2014, 18:54 hourValeria Alves
So sad and beautiful. Makes me wonder the story of who lived there... Thank you!
tuesday 15 July 2014, 18:41 hourKrzysztof Korytkowski
These photos are amazing, spent last 4 hours looking at them. great job
tuesday 15 July 2014, 1:55 hourKenzie Trueba
Your photographs are beautiful, I would like to know where these places are so i can also photograph them, in black and white of course.
sunday 13 July 2014, 0:21 hourGlenn and Pat Allen
Words can explain the emotion we felt just looking at the online posting of pictures. We truly took note of the one in a castle where the childs car was near by. You could feel the joy once exclaimed in this room. Sadness sets in when you realize that decay is taking over. These are museum pieces and what a shame they can't be shared.
thursday 10 July 2014, 14:52 hourTracie
what beautiful and inspirational pictures , they transport me off to another world ..... I love your work .... I never get bored of the depth of interest they all hold ...
wednesday 2 July 2014, 15:33 hourAndreas Pracht
incredible! I will buy a villa like these and life there!
monday 30 June 2014, 8:14 hourMegan
So beautiful and a little sad. What happened to those that once called these places home? No funds? No family to pass these properties to? Clearly yes. Think of all the structures that have returned to dust over the course of human history. Your photographs just remind me that how one treats others has more impact on civilization than any structure humans can create.
saturday 28 June 2014, 14:34 hourMaurice
Absolutely Awesome and Truly Inspiring I thank you for the optical pleasure I just experienced and I also thank you for the respect you and your team have for all these beautiful abandoned delights. thank you.
saturday 28 June 2014, 12:21 hourMichael
Wow, Niki, your work is really amazing! So inspiring! makes me want to grab my camera and just go shooting. Some of your pictures left me with a dropped jaw for a few seconds! Also, the respect you have for all of those places is really impressive, especially when I read you don't give out the locations you are shooting at because your afraid of vandalism and so anyway, keep up with your awesome job! make people jealous!
friday 27 June 2014, 16:56 hourJason
An outstanding body of work Niki. It must have be amazing standing amongst all these locations. Some of them are down right creepy and look like something right out of a horror story. You were brave going to some of them.
friday 27 June 2014, 11:41 hourmartin hogarth
Just trawled through your deserted buildings & others images....stunning photography, I try to do this in England...but not many places available these days....stunning work the site....Martin
friday 27 June 2014, 10:27 hourSantana
Hello. All your photographs are beautiful and show a great way interplay of nature and the beauty of the Forsaken. Too bad these places and more often are threatened by vandalism. I hope your works are also to be seen in Germany, I would like to look at me. Greetings from Germany and keep going like that. - Santana C. M.
friday 27 June 2014, 0:45 hourAngelina3m
I get a deep void in my stomach with all kinds of emotions when I look at your photos. They are beautiful and haunting and they make me envious. Because I wish I could be there, taking those photos, using those spaces for my own photography. I am stuck in a small town, drowning in dirt, and I want to travel and create images as beautiful as yours. You are a brilliant photographer and I hope to one day be as good and make a living off of it. I'm so happy I found you and your website! - Angelina
friday 27 June 2014, 0:28 hourmichael
Love your stuff! I am now emboldened to do a little photo-taking here in New York...where decrepitness has found a home. I particularly love the amusement parks. When I think about how lively these places were at one time and then juxtapose them with photos such as yours, I get a nostalgic but creepy feeling. Love it and keep up the good work!
thursday 26 June 2014, 21:54 hourJulie
Just wanted to say I share your fascination of the abandoned and left behind....I am so glad I stumbled across your website.....the next best thing would be to be at these locations to see first hand like you. Thanks so much for sharing!!!!! AWESOME!!
thursday 26 June 2014, 21:47 hourSarah
These photos are amazing! Every single one of them tells its own story. Some of them make me sad. Your photos let me feel the ghost of the past, keeping me breathless and overwhelmed. Brilliant work!
thursday 26 June 2014, 21:32 hourDan
Your images are so powerful and moving. Especially all of the religious items. The work is just superb. Please keep up the awesome work!
thursday 26 June 2014, 17:18 hourÞórey
I am in love with you´re photos :D
wednesday 25 June 2014, 23:26 hourAngie Kilbourne
I know you've heard it before, but your images take my breath away. I am so excited to custom frame my print and hang it in a place of honor in my home. Thank you for sharing your talent and for showing us all the beauty in the forgotten.
wednesday 25 June 2014, 23:16 hourJudy
What a shame all those beautiful places not preserved. The villas blown my mind! Thanks for sharing.
wednesday 25 June 2014, 18:57 hourDeborah Beaudoin-Zaki
Your pictures in the book FROZEN are amazing! As an interior designer who has worked researching for preservation and worked on mansion renovations many of these structures have amazing bones and architectural details. I hope your book encourages salvaging or preserving these fine architectural gems. Thank you.
wednesday 25 June 2014, 18:43 hourCarl
Outstanding photos
wednesday 25 June 2014, 18:00 hourJamie Thompson
It's photography like this that makes me wish I had followed my dreams of being a photographer. Amazing job of capturing these memories.
wednesday 25 June 2014, 17:52 hourClayton Bullock
The dying yet moderately preserved architect simply amazed me...almost a wistful feeling after viewing the entire gallery.
wednesday 25 June 2014, 12:09 hourpriscillia
I absolutly love your pictures. It s very important to keep a memory of this places before they disapear! I think you would find a lot of interesting places in corsica! Thanks
wednesday 25 June 2014, 10:52 hourRogé Pollen
Hi Niki, Amazing photos, uncomfortable, but also reassuring that nature always will grow. No matter how much mess we create... I hope that more and more people will realize this, when they see your photos and that we will soon except that enough is enough. Thanks! Rogé
wednesday 25 June 2014, 4:16 hourJoachim Schirmacher
Beautiful eye! Thank you. Joachim
wednesday 25 June 2014, 2:00 hourMauricio Moller
Very interesting photographs. Congratulations.
wednesday 25 June 2014, 0:53 hourDagný Valdimarsdóttir
I am amazed! While looking through your photos my mouth was open the whole time. I've always had this thing about abounded houses - if I see one I have to go inside! I just can't believe all those villas and halls in this world. Amazing! I am from Iceland and there are many abounded houses here that you should come and check out :) Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work!
tuesday 24 June 2014, 23:49 hourMichelle Rene' Reinhardt
I am completely fascinated with your urbex photo's. I am fascinated with history as well. I took photo's of the old crumbling barracks on Pigeon Island (St. Lucia) and Empress Josephine's childhood plantation & sugar factory (which has an old (falling apart) dam at the back (small creek flowing) in Martinique. I took them using my purple Kodak 8.1 pixel digital camera. My mother says I have an "eye" for photography. I am planning to travel extensively in about 2 years - do you have any recommendations for a budding photographer?? Again, your photo's are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing them!
tuesday 24 June 2014, 23:27 hourHelen
I have just one word to say; magnificent. You have taken amazing photos of places that are so beautiful, sad, scary, memorable and forgotten places. Really wonderful work. I went through your whole gallery in what felt like seconds..! Magnificent photos!
tuesday 24 June 2014, 23:11 hourLeigh Crescenzo
I adore your work; it's absolutely amazing! Hope to one day see them in person!
tuesday 24 June 2014, 23:11 hourLeigh Crescenzo
I adore your work; it's absolutely amazing! Hope to one day see them in person!
tuesday 24 June 2014, 19:26 hourKaty Rains
beautfiul - thank you for sharing
tuesday 24 June 2014, 17:43 hourYvonne Dixon-Williams
Simply breathtaking, takes me to places I've never been, but feel like I'm there!
tuesday 24 June 2014, 13:10 hourNorman
Superlative images captured by a true artist ...... thank you for sharing with us. Norman.
tuesday 24 June 2014, 12:50 hourHannah
Such beauty. Thank you.
tuesday 24 June 2014, 12:31 hourjohn
as a fellow photographer your images are amazing and inspiring my camera is ready and i am going looking for ruins thank you john
tuesday 24 June 2014, 10:37 hourNet Clough
I've just looked through your galleries - TWICE! Your photographs are amazing. This is something I'd love to do, I've always found old buildings fascinating. Keep up the great work.
tuesday 24 June 2014, 10:23 hourMoira
Just a wonderful array of snapshots of a time gone by and some of them are so amazingly preserved. Happy hunting, look forward to seeing your next adventure. x
tuesday 24 June 2014, 7:14 hourKendra
I love to look at your pictures of abandoned properties...I just wish I could go with you as you explored each one! I understand & greatly respect your desire to keep this places unknown to the public. Please keep sharing the beauty left behind to be reclaimed by the forces of nature.
tuesday 24 June 2014, 7:04 hourTanya Fleming
Magnificent. Rural and urban skeletons interest me and are the main focus of my photography as well. Something about the decay, as well as, what kind of intense life that had been there, strike a cord within me. Congrats on having your talent recognized world wide!
tuesday 24 June 2014, 5:53 hourEmily Hilton
Awesome site! I love seeing abandoned places and as a photographer, your shots are incredible! -Indiana, USA
tuesday 24 June 2014, 4:57 hourTamamy Thigpen
Had never heard of you until today and I am amazed at the shots you have taken of these amazing buildings. Heartbreaking to see such amazing architecture in decay. I wish everyone of the buildings could be saved.
tuesday 24 June 2014, 4:54 hourLauryn
Your pictures are breath taking! Its just so sad how some places can be abandoned like that. Like the blue church. Some of them look so scary but so beautiful at the same time. Absolutely love them!
tuesday 24 June 2014, 4:30 hourSandy Carrico
Your photos are amazing and I would love to travel to these places myself. I love abandoned buildings and homes. I have always been enthralled by them and love to explore. I am jealous of your ability to go to these historical places, and photograph what many of us are unable to see.
tuesday 24 June 2014, 2:29 hourEmily Morgan
You are one of the most amazing people ever. So many true comments from dozens of people. I will definitely be buying your book. I have always been fascinated by derelict and abandoned properties since I can remember - I am also a keen photographer (and have sold some work). Your website is certainly on my list - if only I could work for you in the future - or, like many people, hope my partner and I meet you one day. Keep the work going.
tuesday 24 June 2014, 1:30 hourmike
really love some of your photo's mate, especially the chernobyl ones!
monday 23 June 2014, 23:39 hourLisa Steventon
Amazing! Thought provoking, ethereal, slightly sinister yet at the same time endearing. Subtle but loud. Like a fantasy world you can step right into from reality. Lovely use of light, colour and angles. Unbelievable what we can create and then just leave to rot!
monday 23 June 2014, 23:00 hourSara Fitzgerald
You have a fine eye for a fine staircase. Your pictures are exquisite reminders that nothing lasts for ever, death lurks behind the rotting curtains and in the dark corners. Very beautiful, thank you.
monday 23 June 2014, 20:44 hourCarolyn zuzworsky
I hope to one day see an exhibit from you in NYC. Such beautiful photos!
monday 23 June 2014, 19:39 hourGordon Underwood
I really enjoy browsing your work. I find it very real hard hitting. Great composure and sharpness.
monday 23 June 2014, 19:27 hourUrbex-sam
WOW! I am an urban explorer and visit abandoned forts, factories, hospitals and most recently an abandoned holiday park BUT the way you capture the atmosphere of these places is most reverential and beautiful to look at. Can't wait for the book to be released.I totally understand your love of decaying beauty and the knowing atmosphere that haunts these forgotten places. I only wish I was a member of your team!
monday 23 June 2014, 17:37 hourEduChaves
Kill my heart ....I felt within each scenario as I experienced dozens of these images in my childhood.... is like going to the future and back to the past to look at what's left .Great job !
monday 23 June 2014, 16:52 hourJOE GILBERT
Wonderful work. A really great job of bringing out the natural beauty of these places. Makes me want to pack a bag and leave now so as to see what you have seen. Looking forward to more.
monday 23 June 2014, 16:28 hourTINA MAXWELL-MILLER
I absolutley love your work. your eye for beauty is unmatched. i see your your documentation of history life, granduer, and i want to write to those scenes.....they are so inspiring! thank you nikki.
monday 23 June 2014, 12:32 hourMisty
Absolutely stunning!!! I cannot explain how moving these photos are. Each photo makes me want to know so much more. I wonder what the very last people who walked away felt and what their circumstances were. Your work is amazing! If you ever find yourself in need of an assistant it would be my honor ;) Thank you for sharing the beauty the world would not otherwise know!
monday 23 June 2014, 10:43 hourJo Ellen Kostelic
I too am a curious cat that has found myself in many places where I knew I shouldn't be. I consider myself lucky to not have injured myself or been arrested in any of these magical mystery tours. I do not have the beautiful photographs to document my adventures in (not quite ) breaking and entering, but I certainly understand the forces that are in play when you make the decision to explore the unknown mysteries of what once was.. Keep up the good work
monday 23 June 2014, 7:39 hourLynette
I've just now looked at the entire gallery. Image after image broke my heart. Then, to read the captions where you yourself have already seen the changes wrought by vandals or time and nature broke my heart even more. All I can say is I am thankful you're finding these ghosts and photographing them as you find them. Be careful, please. And I certainly hope that you wear a really well-made, functioning mask when you are in the midst of so many spores. You are young. Protect your lungs. Keep on photographing, please and thank you. Lynette
monday 23 June 2014, 4:52 hourRick
All I can say is, WOW! Beautifully done! You have done an incredible job preserving this unique part of history and I commend you on your photography. Great job and I hope I one day get to meet you in person to shake your hand! I miss the Netherlands very much and all of the beauty Europe has to offer.
monday 23 June 2014, 3:25 hourJennifer Rosa
Your work is absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing your work and taking the time to preserve these places, instead of destroying them. Something I can only dream of.
monday 23 June 2014, 2:24 hourgrant
If u reply I can give you contacts in DETROIT who knows all best abandoned locations grant faint' I am getty images shooter
sunday 22 June 2014, 21:59 hourSharon Cameron
I have to say, your images are utterly amazing. Thank you for sharing your work with us, and preserving these pieces of history. The detail and contrast of each image is incredible, I, like many others of your fans, wonder what happened in each one. Thank you.
sunday 22 June 2014, 19:47 hourJoann Main
Thank you for the images. You are preserving pieces of history. There is a whole generation that has no clue that people lived, breathed, and died in these places. And, where did they go? I love your work and I love looking at the pictures and wondering what was their life like and what happened. Thank you, Joann
sunday 22 June 2014, 18:28 hourTamara Jessup
Thank you so much for NOT revealing where you shoot. I live in America, where tagging is an epidemic, so appreciate your images very much. I doubt you could find such places here.
sunday 22 June 2014, 16:51 hourEveline
Thanks for letting us look differently to the world around us. In every place I go I see your pictures. The world seems more bright and vivid and by looking at the detail I feel the same atmosphere. I'm curious how your dreams are like :-) they must be lucid!!
sunday 22 June 2014, 10:13 hourdiana arellano
I love your Photographs amazing Come visit new braunfels, tx you would love it Take care
sunday 22 June 2014, 8:10 hourWarrior Danika
Niki, I was abandoned at birth and have a fascination with abandoned places. Thank you so much for the effort you have put into bringing your art to the public. I so enjoyed all of your photos. Regards ~ Warrior Danika
sunday 22 June 2014, 5:50 hourAdeole Goodfortune
Good site!
sunday 22 June 2014, 4:17 hourKelly Martinez
No words other then "Amazing", and somewhat heart breaking to see these places be reclaimed by nature! And the ever pending question of some of these beautiful places is, Why? Wonderful work!!!
sunday 22 June 2014, 1:06 hourPamela Hart
Thank you very much for sharing.
saturday 21 June 2014, 21:51 hourStephanie Krey
I love going to deserted places and taking pictures...something about knowing that we can save a small piece of a place...Breath taking photographs. You are very talented. Keep exploring to bring us the forgotten :)
saturday 21 June 2014, 19:50 hourStuart Kelly
You have to be the coolest dude on the planet! You even look like a king. Amazing photographs - you have experienced a very envious adventure. Keep up the good work...just don't tell anyone where the pictures were taken...we'll let nature do all the destruction. Respectfully, Stuart K. Kelly
saturday 21 June 2014, 12:20 hourFemke
Wow... zwaar onder de indruk! Wat een prachtige foto's maak je! Ga zo door. Vooral die fabrieksfoto's zijn machtig mooi! Wel lef hebben om zulke verrotte trappen en vloeren te betreden. Petje af. Ik heb van je gallery genoten en ben nu zeker aan het overwegen om 1 te kopen...maar welke :).
saturday 21 June 2014, 11:15 hourMegan
The pictures from Pripyat were stunning. Really enjoyed the shots of the abandoned funfair rides
saturday 21 June 2014, 6:19 hourAndrew Sowinski
staggering beauty, tremendous sadness ,emotion filled images. wonderful work, congratulations on showing the folly of mans inhumanity.
saturday 21 June 2014, 3:52 hourKIM VILD
Truly amazing talent you have that has captured the true essence and raw beauty in the decay of the abandoned. I studied architecture in college and I can truly appreciate the art that is created by the decay. Your photos allowed me to see the beauty of these buildings even in their state of decay. I find your work extremely fascinating and oh, the mere thought of just being able to walk through and explore these places that each hold a story of their own. If only walls could talk I would love to know the stories behind each of these pieces of works.
saturday 21 June 2014, 3:23 hourkris russell
unbelievably beautiful photos. You took me back in time to a by gone era. Such a treat to see. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. i will be watching for more to come.
saturday 21 June 2014, 1:18 hourMarshana Fuentes
Unbelievably beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing your passion I almost want to cry when seeing these beautiful building and furniture left to rot, I wish I could rescue them all. Some are actually kind of eerie seeing as they look like someone just walked out and never returned. Fantastic work!!!!
friday 20 June 2014, 22:53 hourMarie Patton
Stunningly Beautiful... Simply Amazing! Thank you for sharing your gift & talent!
friday 20 June 2014, 21:39 hourSheila Heermans
I also share the same opinions of all the other posts here. Thank you for sharing your amazing photo's.
friday 20 June 2014, 20:50 hourGeorge Lister
Stunning photos. Thank you.
friday 20 June 2014, 17:03 hourDee Westwood
Beautiful. So much beautiful abandoned furniture and so many once cherished belongings. An auctioneers dream some of it. Such grand and wonderful places left to rot and decay. The large villas of Italy which become too expensive to maintain get left like this and a lot of your photos remind me of a private tour I was lucky enough to be taken on in. Genova in Italy. Your photos are very evocative. I have a lot of admiration for you and those like you would have become urban explorers. I'd love the ability to do this. Amazing. Thank you for sharing your work. Its sad that these places will disappear and became unloved and unused. The stories these places must have. I feel sad about the waste. The work that must have gone into making these masterpieces is incredible. The people who lived in and worked in them.... All echos of a past that will never be told. Utterly moved.
friday 20 June 2014, 16:46 hourchivaun
Your photography is amazing and I very much enjoy your work :) The daily mail article led me here and I was glad it did - Its so fascinating to see how some of the places really are 'frozen in time' There is something slightly chilling about some of these photos but its just makes you want to look at them more :)
friday 20 June 2014, 16:33 hourBridgette Soileau
Like Angela before me, I love seeing pictures of derelict and abandoned buildings and imagine what these buildings and places were like when they here inhabited. The Daily Mail article was wonderful and I enjoyed looking at all the pictures!
friday 20 June 2014, 16:10 hourAngela Simcock
Stunning photographs....! My curiosity for derelict and abandoned buildings lead me to your site after seeing the Daily Mail article. My copy of Frozen is on order, can't wait to show it off :o) Thank you for sharing these experiences
friday 20 June 2014, 14:26 hourmarina diamantis
Your photos are absolutely breathtaking, I've always loved the old and the curious and you bring them together beautifully, its ghost like and jaw dropping all at the same time, simply genius. I am putting in my pre-order now!!
friday 20 June 2014, 14:05 hourUnyetta
Through the eye of your lens you capture the beauty in the decay. The story behind each picture, why has it been abandoned, what caused them to leave without their possessions, why hasn't the history been captured and reclaimed. From the dust we rose, to the dust we return. Enchanting!
friday 20 June 2014, 11:24 hourCarlene
Haunting, breathtaking and beautiful. Looking through the photographs each one telling its own story
friday 20 June 2014, 11:01 hourWatkins
All I can say is WOW, top photographs. You make these places seem pretty.
friday 20 June 2014, 10:21 hourAriaan
Aselm Kiefer.........would be jaloers!
friday 13 June 2014, 4:03 hourMike Osinski
After looking at your photos all I can say is WOW thanks for sharing
saturday 24 May 2014, 23:49 hourSara
I found your work on Facebook. Very intriguing excellent work, beautifully haunting and full of adventure, makes me want to walk into every photograph and explore 😉 . Inspirational work xx
sunday 4 May 2014, 23:43 hourWably
I found your site through StumbleUpon. Your website has some really amazing photos. Breathtakingly-stunning! Very nice work.
saturday 3 May 2014, 12:27 hourJacek
I like youre website, i had found there many helpfull informations for me, best wishes to you Jacek ;]
friday 11 April 2014, 9:14 hourAmanda
I have always been fascinated by the beauty in decaying, desolate, abandoned buildings and landscapes they fuel many of my own shoots. I have always been a fan of Henk Van Rensburgen's work and through looking at photographers who capture such places as Detroit after the decline and Chernobyl after the disaster I stumbled upon your work and I am in awe to say the least the detail and emotion in each photograph is intense the decay extends past the furniture and the peeling walls it's the layers of dirt and dust the surrealism of time gone by and lives past on everything left to rot undisturbed. Your work is undoubtedly wonderful.
thursday 3 April 2014, 0:55 hourKristie Atwood
It's so wonderful that you have this upcoming showing. Your work is really an inspiration and the best I have seen on this subject. You have inspired me to not just stand outside but to venture in. I have been keeping up now with your work for about six months - so thank you for always adding new photos. Good luck with your show! Best, Kristie
monday 31 March 2014, 21:46 hourCindy Jo Ross
Awesome work!!
monday 31 March 2014, 21:18 hourjoyce
site ziet dr goed uit xxx
monday 31 March 2014, 11:43 hourWeern Fan Erbij
I'm in awe... Respect!
friday 28 March 2014, 4:49 hourCherie Peterson
My own insatiable curiosity of abandoned places is what brought me to find your work. Being raised by a photographer and ghost town explorer, I appreciate your gift for taking us places we otherwise would never see. Your ability to capture the sadness and beauty of each desolate location is astonishing and I wish you luck in the future of your career, and also your explorations.
friday 14 March 2014, 12:44 hourMarlies
wat leuk
wednesday 5 March 2014, 1:46 hourSalome
I've never seen such beautiful pictures of such beautiful and fascinating places. It’s like a walk through a dream to watch these photos. Sometimes I wonder why the places are left, ore how they look now. And sometimes I just wanted to start to cry because it’s much too beauty at all.... I really love your style of photographing and I hope you will find much more of these spaces of lost time, to show it to us. Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures!
tuesday 11 February 2014, 19:15 hourMichelle
Hello Niki - love your series on the decaying farmhouses. Im using your work in my sketchbook on my ND Photography course. Our project is 'Homes'. Your images are beautiful.
wednesday 29 January 2014, 21:07 hourelectrorism
I love your Pics!!! Pictures from Tschernobil are very nice.. Greez from Germany.
tuesday 28 January 2014, 2:15 hourChrissy
Hi Niki, Your shots are the most amazing I have seen of urbex decay, they are beautifully processed and have inspired me to continue my own exploring to another level. England has nothing like this I need to travel. Wishing you all the best in your future work. ;)
monday 13 January 2014, 5:35 hourJanine Diamanti
Your photos are so beautiful and haunting at the same time. You have a wonderful talent :) I hope it's alright but I have picked a couple of your photographs to analyse for my Lighting Design class. I can't wait for your book to be published again.
sunday 12 January 2014, 5:58 hourRae
WONDERFUL PICTURES! I have shared your site with a lot of different people!
saturday 11 January 2014, 21:21 hourCarol Stankus
I am so in love with your pictures. They tell such sad and beautiful stories. I just have to know how do you find these places? Do you have to get permission to go into these places? Are you allowed to take any of the furniture, books or knickknacks left behind to save with the photo and do you take any of them? I enjoy your journey and the pictures you share.
friday 10 January 2014, 22:51 hourArthur
Hi Nick. Your room's pitcures are incredible. I am very impressed by your skills of playing the light. Greetings.
thursday 9 January 2014, 1:47 hourCasey
Great photos. Thanks for photographing these abandoned buildings. It's such a shame that these old buildings with their beautiful craftsmanship has gone to waste.
monday 23 December 2013, 18:28 hourLeta
Hi Niki. Your work is totally amazing. And has inspired me to wander of the beaten track into lonely buildings in the UK. Thank you for taking the time to find these impressive monuments to past lives. Merry christmas and have a wonderful new year. :)
wednesday 18 December 2013, 14:57 hourCarmelita Edwards
I love you work and wish you much success. So sad all the troubles and upheaval of the families when it occurred. What I wonder is, is why do some of the buildings in some of these locations do not get taken down as they look too dangerous to be left the way they are. Posting "Keep Out" obviously does not do the trick. May you continue to be blessed with the talent that you have with the camera!!!
friday 13 December 2013, 12:46 hourKáthia
Your work is spectacular!
thursday 12 December 2013, 21:36 hourJuliane Calitti
Amazing, amazing!! It stunned me! You're fantastic!
wednesday 11 December 2013, 11:13 hournubuiten
leuke site!
thursday 14 November 2013, 13:24 hourOnline tutoring
Thanks for sharing this .
wednesday 13 November 2013, 1:33 hourMaldon
The photos are AMAZING!!!! Your very work adds another dimention to photography. Keep up the amazing WORK.
friday 8 November 2013, 21:06 hourJV Photography
Fantastic pictures, mysterious and sad!!
thursday 7 November 2013, 10:43 hourDave James
HDR Very tastefully presented,the most sensitive i have seen. A true pleasure to view,i am pleased i am not alone in having a fascination with stairs
sunday 3 November 2013, 14:49 hourPatrick Nijhuis
Hey Niki, Je maakt mooi en inspirerend werk/foto's. Hoop snel wat kennis te kunnen delen mbt onze gezamelijke passie! Groeten Patrick
saturday 2 November 2013, 16:35 hourPaul Jansonius
Fascinating and mesmerizing!
wednesday 30 October 2013, 23:48 hourGerry
Just Incredible perfection in your work,I hope to take pictures as well as you someday but that would be a long shot ha ha!
wednesday 30 October 2013, 9:19 hourBill van der Meijden
In een woord; een geweldige website die mij een hele andere kijk op fotografie gegeven heeft. Voelde je je wel veilig in Chernobyl? Bill
tuesday 29 October 2013, 14:40 hourAlexander Shmugliakov
Awesome! Just simply awesome!
tuesday 29 October 2013, 1:53 hourRobin Gump
I love your work. I have always had an interest in old places, abandoned buildings and have been taking photos since I was a child. I am happy to see that I am not alone and now I feel like I have a new adventure ahead of me. I hope I can learn from you and put together some interesting things here in the USA in West Virginia.
sunday 27 October 2013, 3:30 hourHenning Van Den Berg
Love your work, very compelling pictures.
saturday 26 October 2013, 16:50 hourGianni Galassi
I admire both your stunning photographs and the consistency of the project you are working on. Thank you for your skills and art, Niki.
saturday 26 October 2013, 15:01 hourIan
Niki, your work is simply stunning, beautiful & inspiring. Would love to take one image as good as you, one day maybe! Keep it up.
thursday 24 October 2013, 22:02 hourAlex Ujai
Awesome photos with different story.I love exploring an abandoned building..and of course..the art itself..
saturday 19 October 2013, 17:02 hourMathieu Elissen
Werkelijk prachtige foto's, hier kan ik als amateurtje alleen maar van dromen. Ik geniet er enorm van.
tuesday 15 October 2013, 20:50 hourBritt Nesheim
Facinating. I'd love to know the historical context of each shot. Is that in the book?
friday 11 October 2013, 18:19 hourmichelle sarkisian
Your work is absolutely haunting. There is nothing quite as beautiful as a building returning to nature. I wonder if you've encountered any spirits on your travels.
thursday 10 October 2013, 16:28 hourPam
I love all your pictures and the pass they capture. Thanks for sharing. Your work is amazing !!!!!
tuesday 8 October 2013, 8:23 hourmirella sleenhoff
Prachtig !! Wat een gevoel in je werk , werkelijk adembenemend !!
monday 7 October 2013, 13:01 hourCarlo
You are a Genius!
monday 7 October 2013, 12:17 hourRenaat Mattheus
Dag, vandaag via FB je werk ontdekt...Adembenemend, de kracht van de tand des tijds ! Zeer mooi ! Groet uit Vlaanderen.
sunday 6 October 2013, 21:00 hourBridget
Since I was a little girl and would travel and move (my Dad was in the Navy), I would always ask him about abandoned farm house of the midwest, abandoned Victorian house on the East Coast and the abandoned mansions of the Northeast. I have forever want to explore and see behind the No Trespassing Signs. I am jealous of your work, how amazing and wonderful while still sad such beauty is fading but you have had a chance to capture it before it is forgotten. Love your work. Bridget, Kailua Hawaii
sunday 6 October 2013, 14:23 hourIvo
Prachtige fotos van vergane glorie. En soms .... wat een eeuwige zonde om sommige gebouwen niet weer in ere te herstellen. Als ik sommige fotos zie moet ik aan de liefde & zielskracht denken die ooit gestoken zijn in sommige gebouwen.
saturday 5 October 2013, 18:28 hourDebra
Thank you for allowing us to re-imagine that what once was...Beautiful work.
saturday 5 October 2013, 1:10 hourmegan
Your vision and the images you have created are simply stunning. You are a true artist sir, I do not see or look at the image, I feel it, I am sucked into its beauty, its ruin, its heartache. I feel as if I am reading a story and I want to know more. I wish you joy and luck on your quest, your work is truly inspiring.
tuesday 24 September 2013, 7:53 hourTravis
Your photos are stunning, thought provoking, beautiful, and sometimes scary. I love them all. My favorite include the pine bar and the nine ghost. I plan on purchasing from you soon. :-)
friday 20 September 2013, 20:33 hourAlana
hey Niki! Amazing pictures! I'm so impressed with the abandoned castles, it's like a fairy tales places with epic stories behind these old and abondoned places...a great work! my congratulations from Brazil!
monday 16 September 2013, 19:33 hourSoeren
Hey Niki. Great pics ;-) I love your website.
tuesday 10 September 2013, 21:48 hourBrian Wells
Some cracking imagery!
saturday 31 August 2013, 21:04 hourDebra
A true artist invites us to see thing in a different light and drives the imagination. You sir, are an artist. Debra
wednesday 28 August 2013, 17:05 hourjoi
In awe!
monday 26 August 2013, 6:05 hourvictoria guardino
I love your work!!! you are an amazing photographer, each photo has its own unique feel
sunday 25 August 2013, 4:25 hourThanakrid S.
Great photo, I like them!
friday 16 August 2013, 22:43 hourJack Veraart
Boek in goede staat via de post ontvangen. Ik ben zeer tevreden! Zeer mooie foto's. Heerlijk boek om in te bladeren. Ik verzamel al ruim 25 jaar fotoboeken. Dit boek krijgt een welverdiende ereplaats in mijn verzameling. Bedankt! Met vriendelijke groeten, Jack Veraart
wednesday 14 August 2013, 10:03 hourStephan
Hele gave foto's, ziet er echt geweldig uit. Ik kan een gevoel van jaloezie niet geheel onderdrukken.
monday 22 July 2013, 6:18 hourTerry Frizzle
Great work, if you can give me pointers it should be great. I am trying to learn to take great photos too.
monday 15 July 2013, 23:56 hourMarylou
Found your photos very eerie and yet meloncholy at times. They are truly thought provoking. Great photos! Take care.
sunday 7 July 2013, 7:05 hourVictor
Your gallery is absolutely a wonder to the eye and excellently captures true emotion. I Have a passion and love for 14th to 19th century chateaus neolithic gothic architecture and i may have found an ambitious but worthy project to restore one to its former glory in one of your prestigious works. please contact me trough email since i travel quite extensively. Please continue on such a fascinating and emotionally capturing work of art of our history.
thursday 4 July 2013, 0:26 hourVivian
These are truly amazing pictures! You photography is really inspiring.
monday 1 July 2013, 19:10 hourSandra
Vandaag je boek ontvangen; nog beter dan ik had durven hopen. Wat zijn het veel foto's! Dankjewel; mede dankzij jouw werk kijk ik anders naar de wereld en zie de schoonheid in het verval.
saturday 29 June 2013, 7:10 hourInge
Gisteren heb ik het boek ontvangen...prachtig!! Hopelijk komt er een tweede deel! :)
thursday 27 June 2013, 9:07 hourAdui
I greet all guests registered in this guestbook! Best regards
thursday 20 June 2013, 0:29 hourwill qunators
they look awesome I hope you create some more soon Greetings, will quatos -
monday 17 June 2013, 20:08 hourFaye McLaughlin
Just come across your work on MSN website. Very fascinated! You have a good eye for capturing a powerful shot, there's a sort of gothic chic feel to your work, it brings out an emotion when looking through. Yet it feels like there's a presence in your pictures. Some of them actually remind me of The Shining film. I love your work. Fan already.
wednesday 12 June 2013, 21:28 hourLaura
Oh my gosh, your photographs are amazing. I'm a sucker for old/decaying buildings myself, but I lack the skill to take good pictures which means I can only rarely enjoy them in person. But you're photos are just wonderful! Keep it up, you're going to be such a huge success!!!
wednesday 12 June 2013, 13:01 hourmelanie
wow what great pictures love them all keep taking them they are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
friday 7 June 2013, 16:00 hourRita
Thank you for sharing images of a world we would never see, and make us appreciate what we have even more.
saturday 1 June 2013, 8:22 hourMagda van der Linde
Ik bewonder je durf en fotografie. Ik vind, dat wat jij doet, er toe doet. Je laat mensen niet alleen kijken maar ook voelen en nadenken. Perfect job.
friday 31 May 2013, 22:25 hourPeter-Jan
Kan niet om je foto's heen, ze ademen iets magisch. Heel mooi!
wednesday 29 May 2013, 10:19 hourAnita
Wauw! De foto's in het AD ademen echt een magische sfeer. Normaal heb ik niet zo heel veel met kunst, maar ik vond dat ik hier even neer moest zetten dat ik dit echt prachtig vind :) Keep up the good work!!
wednesday 29 May 2013, 9:32 hourElma
Ik zag net je foto's in het AD. In één woord SUPER!!! De site is ook echt geweldig!
tuesday 28 May 2013, 21:39 hourShelby Steely
Fascinating and beautiful thank you for sharing
tuesday 28 May 2013, 2:05 hourDora
Amazing photos. Your composition is brilliant. Keep it up....
saturday 25 May 2013, 5:41 hourjenn
Gorgeous work, you have a new fan in Canada!
friday 24 May 2013, 10:54 hourInge
Prachtig! Heb zojuist je boek besteld!
thursday 23 May 2013, 22:48 hourBob
Nice work Niki.
thursday 23 May 2013, 15:09 hourSimon O'Corra
Hi Niki I am keen to speak to you about your work. The work is beautiful. I have a page on fb called France in Ruins Best
wednesday 22 May 2013, 17:25 hourlynda
BRILLIANT WORK!!!!!! You have a new FAN!!! :)
wednesday 22 May 2013, 11:07 hourLaurel
I just ordered your book and I cannot wait to receive it. Thank you Niki! :-)
wednesday 22 May 2013, 6:44 hourkatie scarlett
super beautiful work! what fun to discover these lost. forgotten, places........ will there be another printing of your book? your site says they are sold out.... ; )
monday 20 May 2013, 20:52 hourPatrick
Hey super dat je boek klaar is
friday 17 May 2013, 21:20 houramber fields
I am absolutely in love with your work. You have amazing talent and genius. Truly amazing work. I find myself in awe. Thank you!!
monday 13 May 2013, 0:40 hourJeremy
Hey Niki, love your work! I'm a big fan of HDR and Urbex. Let me know if you plan any trips to the States or Australia and I'll try and come exploring with you! Cheers Jeremy
sunday 12 May 2013, 0:19 hourNadia
Your stuff is SO awesome!!! Please keep me updated:) I love abandoned places~
friday 10 May 2013, 7:57 hourMichael
very cool
wednesday 8 May 2013, 19:59 hourMeghan
Niki, Your work takes my breath away with its beauty, mystery and ability to put the viewer in the scene. It makes me want to dedicate myself to photography and my fascination with abandoned structures again. As intrigued as I am with where the shots were taken, I applaud your choice to not reveal the locations in order to protect them from looters and vandals. Don't stop doing what you're doing. Brava!
monday 6 May 2013, 0:28 hourNikki
These photos are so hauntingly beautiful and some just made me want to cry. What you have captured with the lens is the very essence of urban decay. l would like though, if all the photos could be captioned or even just a mention of their location. One of my favourites is that 'face' behind the two swing out doors. What is that? And another with three large blue pipes the words 'steam punk' immediately sprang to mind. Cannot wait to see more of your amazing artistry.
sunday 5 May 2013, 4:26 hourTerry
I too love to drive on country roads just to look for old houses, barns, farm equipment, old cemeteries, etc. In some of your pictures, the colors are just fascinating, subdued, "comforting" in a way, and it would almost be sacriligeous to move even one item. I share your passion, but you are living it ! Be blessed. My favorite, the baby carriage....
saturday 4 May 2013, 7:56 hourrobyn starling
Niki ,I'm feeling so sad,amazed and curious as to why some of these amazing beautiful places are left to rot .and can only imagine the lives that were lived there..have just spent half hour going over and over your pictures and sent your site to a dozen friends ,fantastic work ,loved all Cheers Robyn in Australia
saturday 4 May 2013, 0:51 hourscorpio19th
These are some of the most interesting, most beautiful photos I've ever seen! You are truly talented. And lucky to have visited these places in person. Keep up the good work!
friday 3 May 2013, 22:50 hourJelena
Thank you for a lungsful of the moldy charm of urban decay.
friday 3 May 2013, 7:00 hourMary
Isn't it great to have so many people love what you love doing :)
friday 3 May 2013, 6:38 hourBonnie
Hello from the US!!! Your work is spectacular! It is amazing to see what happens when there are no humans around and when nature has reclaimed what belongs to it.Keep up the good work! :)
friday 3 May 2013, 3:36 hourMel
I felt compelled to share with you how powerful your photos are! Truly beautiful and very inspiring. It would be interesting to note some of the locations for your finds to know more of their former history. Keep going, captivating work!
thursday 2 May 2013, 11:00 hourBella
These photos are so beautiful and sad and amazing. I wish the names of the buildings were available so I could look up the history of the places you photograph. There are some places in Australia that need you to visit! :) Also my daughter (15) said to tell you she will have nightmares now. Please never stop!
thursday 2 May 2013, 8:22 hourLeslie Wainwright
You just totally get it. I could not design a set better than what you bring to us through your truly see the soul of these places and are so gifted in bringing them before our eyes ....thank you a thousand times....
thursday 2 May 2013, 8:09 hourPriscilla Gates
I love your work! Please keep doing what your doing, it's amazing!
thursday 2 May 2013, 4:03 hourJeanna Baker
Hi, your photos are awe inspiring and make me feel like I'm in each place. It makes me want to seek out some old, forgotten places myself for some pictures. Thanks for sharing yours. JB
thursday 2 May 2013, 0:58 hourCathleen
Your photographs are dark and beautiful and sly. You should come to the desert of Southern California to see the old homestead shacks -- the other end of the spectrum from decaying chateaus.
wednesday 1 May 2013, 21:37 hourSophie
You are truly talented and have an eye for finding these beautiful and timely scenes. I would love to step back in time to see how life was like before these structures were abandoned. Some were creepy and mysterious...I would love to learn more!!
wednesday 1 May 2013, 19:50 hourVic
wednesday 1 May 2013, 17:12 hourRo Silva
Amazing photos! Guillermo Del Toro should be contacted about some of those places- would make for eerie horror films! You could feel the strangeness of those places in the photos. Excellent work! Im glad you were featured on Huff Post or I wouldnt have found you !
wednesday 1 May 2013, 16:41 hourDonna
These are incredible!! I love looking at your photos, especially the ones of Chernobyl!!!
wednesday 1 May 2013, 15:41 hourSachi
I just want to step into some of these photographs to explore - if only for a moment. They are absolutely breathtaking!
wednesday 1 May 2013, 11:46 hourDani
Wow...ik zag je op de dailymail...wat een onwijs mooie foto's!!!! Ik bn alleen zo nieuwsgierig naar wat er is gebeurd dat mensen zo hals over kop de huizen verlaten hebben.......
wednesday 1 May 2013, 8:52 hourKekuiapoiwa
Amazing, shocking, stomach turning and yet I wanted more. I could not take my eyes off your pictures and I wanted to share them with my daughters because I wanted them to see the history you brought out in your awesome pictures. Thank you..
wednesday 1 May 2013, 6:42 hourAlyssa Slade
Love your work! You're very talented :)
wednesday 1 May 2013, 4:06 hourPaul
Blown away! Facinating subject ...captures the phantoms of those before. Excellent!
wednesday 1 May 2013, 1:58 hourMartha
Great pictures! Just wondering where that abandoned farmhouse is located. I'd love to see it from the outside as well.
wednesday 1 May 2013, 1:31 hourSariah Murdoff
Exploring was my favorite thing to do when I was little I have a great picture of one of my finds when I was 8 or so. I would love to share, I'm not sure how! The picture is of a very old western coverd carriage.(location southern Oregon USA) The picture was taken in 89
wednesday 1 May 2013, 0:50 hourJudy
Tremendously powerful photos! Thanks for sharing them.
tuesday 30 April 2013, 23:29 hourIrene Stephens
Spectacular pictures, like a Harry Potter book come to life. Every picture make you want to know "more".
tuesday 30 April 2013, 23:26 hourSusan
Beautiful...and haunting. Love your work.
tuesday 30 April 2013, 22:46 hourmary
from a small village in new mexico, usa... WOW! pictures are fantastic. wish I could go there and stare at the houses myself. again WOW!
tuesday 30 April 2013, 19:53 hourAmmie
Wow. While I'm speechless, your photographs are not. Incredible and amazing. I have a facination of stair photographs as well. Thank you for sharing your talents.
monday 29 April 2013, 18:21 hourRobb
I found your website through Facebook. A friend shared your incredible photos of the abandoned farmhouse. I want to see more! R
monday 29 April 2013, 15:09 hourkarla
Incredibly beautiful! I know I will dream about your pictures. Thank you, Niki, for bringing them into my world.
monday 29 April 2013, 6:26 hourMark Jensen
amazing spellbinding work! love it, keep it up.
monday 29 April 2013, 4:34 hourDeb Wingert
Your work is spell-binding. What a gift you have for capturing the essence. Thank you for bringing these places to us. God bless.
tuesday 19 March 2013, 0:42 hourMónica Ribau
I was fascinating, the intensity of your work is breathtaking, never seen so much power in the silence of a photo, thanks for sharing this great talent. Congratulations
monday 11 March 2013, 20:39 hourOwen
Just pre-ordered a book, after finding you on FB. Total respect for what you are doing...
sunday 10 March 2013, 23:47 hourgéraldine
félicitations pour votre travail, vos recherches et vos oeuvres photographiques; continuez à nous faire rêver de ces lieux magiques qui ont une histoire ! soyez prudent et faites attention à vous; j'aime beaucoup votre travail; amicalement ; Géraldine de France
sunday 10 February 2013, 20:34 hourelizabeth
Wonderful photos, very evocative. Got a feeling of sadness (what a shame for the people who lived here and the buildings that used to be loved), curiosity (whatever happened?!?) and even anger and injustice (all the homeless people in the world and look at these places!). Plus technically beautiful pictures. Would LOVE to get a description of where these places are, how you found them etc. Kepp up the wonderful work!
thursday 17 January 2013, 23:08 hourRoman
Hi Niki, great images of truly unique locations. Keep-up the outstanding work bro!
tuesday 18 December 2012, 20:55 hourJoeHolland86
Awesome collection!! Was great to see them large, instagram doesn't do justice to your photographs
friday 7 December 2012, 2:30 hourwil westerweel
Hoi Niki, werkelijk schitterende foto's en wat een prachtige locaties heb je inmiddels bezocht. Naar een aantal ben ik, samen met Daanoe, met je meegeweest; dat stond steeds garant voor een heel gezellige en vooral suksesvolle fototrip. Veel sukses met je fotografie, je eventuele exposities, je verkoop van al dat moois en wie weet wat er verder nog voor je in het verschiet ligt. Groet, Wil
saturday 1 December 2012, 10:44 hourunaiurbex
Awesome website and pictures, like it! Greets from spain ;)
monday 26 November 2012, 0:58 houraslamK
gorgeous and evocative!
saturday 24 November 2012, 21:55 hourMaša
i like your photos!! amazing places!
friday 16 November 2012, 8:43 hourAntoinette
indrukwekkende lijst van prachtige locaties en erg gave platen.
saturday 22 September 2012, 23:25 hourSeph Lawless
Great pics! Enjoy your work!
saturday 22 September 2012, 22:18 hourkematy
Hello, i follow your instagram, your Flickr and i want to Congrats you for all your picture. Your Tchernobyl travel is awesome... see you. Fred alias kematy and kematyd90 on Flickr and instagram
monday 17 September 2012, 8:25 hourJoshua Cadle
Very enveloping photography!
tuesday 4 September 2012, 19:23 hourRon van Eijkelenburg
Wat een genot om ieder keer die fantastische foto's/kunstwerken te mogen zien en je te verplaatsen in de gedachte dat er op die plekken ooit leven is geweest. Ga zo door!!
tuesday 4 September 2012, 19:19 hourMarika
Geweldige foto's. Het is steeds opnieuw genieten!
wednesday 15 August 2012, 16:29 hourJack
Amazing pictures, great edits and locations! keep up the good work
friday 10 August 2012, 15:29 hourCaz
Fabulous work Niki, keep em coming my friend, take care :)
thursday 2 August 2012, 18:43 hourAnita
Wat een PRACHTIGE foto's!!! Als je toch op deze manier foto's kunt maken wordt fotografie een kunst! Ik heb het nog nooit meegemaakt dat ik de sfeer "voel" vanuit foto's. Letterlijk kippenvel!!!
monday 30 July 2012, 20:21 hourDreamweb
Hello! Check out the URL to watch the music video that I made, using footage I shot myself during my trip to Pripyat in 2010. I'm from Poland (not that far from Chernobyl actually) so it's in Polish. Thanks!
thursday 12 July 2012, 14:27 hourMike Bing
Prachtige site en indraukwekkende beheersing van de HDR techniek. Een plezier om hier eens rond te kijken!
monday 25 June 2012, 8:18 hourMarcel Vermeer
And then...There were cars ! Wat een geweldige verassing ! xx
wednesday 20 June 2012, 21:51 hourRob Armstrong
Fantastic site and your photos are 1st class :-)
tuesday 12 June 2012, 18:36 hourolavXO
You truly are an amazing photographer. I had a great time watching your photos. Chernobyl was awesome.
monday 4 June 2012, 11:02 hourGwen Bruns
Hello Niki, I love your photos soo much, you inspired me to do some urbex exploring of my own, please check out my work!! xoxo Gwen
sunday 3 June 2012, 22:43 hourMarika
Wat een mooie site en wat een prachtige foto's!
wednesday 30 May 2012, 6:31 hourDaan
De site ziet er geweldig uit maat! Ga nu eerst maar op vakantie. Daarna zullen we de site eens gaan vullen... ;-)
sunday 27 May 2012, 21:53 hourJaroslav
Great photos))))
sunday 27 May 2012, 20:44 houranna
mooie site hoor!
friday 25 May 2012, 17:41 hourjoyce
nou nou, poeh poeh, hé hé het gastenboek werkt!!! nu hopen op veel leuke lieve aardige & positieve berichtjes! xxx

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