wednesday25August 2021
14:44 hour


Wow ! I got accepted at Makersplace !

Online NFT store will be soon available at

friday30April 2021
5:05 hour

1st series NFT's released

I released a few NFT's  (Non Fungible Tokens) on Foundation. In short these are digital files with proof of ownership on the blockchain.

Among them a 5 part Chernobyl Series and some animated photographs. I am very happy to tell you that 2 works already been sold to perhaps the 2 biggest NFT collectors in the world. To get a slingshot start like this when venturing into a brand new form of art is a dream come true.

Many more NFT's coming at

wednesday14April 2021
6:38 hour

Linktree url

For all the folks that want to follow me on all social media and other websites, I made a Linktree :

monday10August 2020
6:29 hour

New Think Tank bag!

A few months ago I received a package from Think Tank Photo with their brand new "Retrospective Backpack 15L". An army green retro looking canvas backpack which was top secret at that moment because it was a few weeks before the official release.

My original plan was to take it with me on a Moroccan and Italian trips planned in March and April. And then Covid-19 happened. Trips were cancelled and postponed. Until end of July when Italy seemed to do pretty well concerning the situation in Europe.

I dug out the Retrospective, opened it up and my first thought was ; That's a pretty small bag compared to my usual Think Tank Streetwalker Pro v2.0. Afraid I would not be able to take all of my stuff I started loading my gear into the brand new bag.

My D850 body, Irix 11mm and Nikon 14-24 lensens, batteries and memory cards fitted easily after adjusting the dividers. I still had several spots left and I wondered if my Mavic Air 2, batteries and controller could fit in as well. To my surprise they did and my Hyperdrive, cables and some small gear as well. It was completely stuffed but it fitted !

The Retrospective has the main zipper at the backpanel. That was a thing to get used to but actually pretty safe so people can't easily open it up while you are carrying it. At the front side a nice big flap attached with 2 leather straps and brass colored rings and clasps and underneath a compartment secured with a velcro strip. It contains several pockets and one big zippered section. Also underneath is a top access for the main compartment.

The sides have two big pockets to carry a travel tripod and a water bottle for example.

Put the bag on your back and you forget it is there. It has the same comfy straps as the streetwalker series but compared to those ones this bag looks just a lot cooler. The canvas is sturdy as hell and can definately take a beating. I dragged it through concrete ruins, thorn bushes and it got stuck on a barbed wire fence. It did not suffer any damage.

In short, it is an extremely cool, retro, canvas monster build to last.

Is there anything I did not like about it ? Yes there is. I would like to have seen one additional zippered compartment on the side. My tripod is way to big to put in the bag so now the sides are unused and an additional zippered compartment could be useful. Also I do not see the need for the access to the main compartment from the top of the bag if you open the flap. You just end up on the other side of a divider. Not sure what the idea behind that was.

Nevertheless these 2 points are just minor problems for me and I am going to use the Retrospective as my main bag from now on. Now if I can convince them to release a v2.0 next year which features an additional zippered side pocket.... :)

sunday15December 2019
11:20 hour

Abandoned Church in 360

Abandoned church far beyond restauration #nikifeijen #abandoned #decay #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA
wednesday10July 2019
6:40 hour

Abanded Grand Hotel in 360

Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA
thursday6June 2019
6:58 hour

Chernobyl Bumper car available as print !

My Chernobyl Bumper car is now available as limited edition or high quality prints through Saatchi Art.

Check it out :

wednesday22May 2019
11:45 hour

Abandoned Italian Church

Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA
wednesday6March 2019
17:23 hour

Exhibition New York

March 14th - April 21st My photographs are on display during the "Home as Shelter" exhibition in Brooklyn New York !


happylucky no.1 is proud to present Home as Shelter, a group exhibition featuring the work of Capucine Bourcart, Cheryl Dunn, Niki Feijen, Moki Mioke, Paz Perlman, Liz Sweibel, and Amos van Gelder.

Home in the literal sense is generally a structure that protects an individual or a group from outside forces: wildlife, weather, and other individuals. However, while a home can safeguard someone physically for a time, it offers more of a psychological relief. Any shelter could be destroyed in an instant and forgotten. It could also be abandoned, and left to be consumed by the world around it. Either way, the reality and our perception of a home are vastly different. In the end, one must ask: does a home truly offer shelter or protection? In what ways have our perceptions of home shifted in our contemporary world?

The artists who are showing work in this exhibition ask these very questions and provide a dialogue about the limitations, ideologies, and fallacies that stem from the idea of home. The physical vulnerabilities (and irony) of a shelter is made apparent through the work of several of the artists in this exhibition.

In her collage series The colors of 126th Street, Capucine Bourcart captures the texture of her residential block in Harlem, New York. However, since starting this series, Bourcart notes that many of these buildings have been demolished for redevelopment. Home is not a concrete thing, and is replaceable due to the whims of economics and gentrification.

More abstractly, the sculptures of Liz Sweibel evoke structure, but because of their small scale and delicate construction, they could easily be destroyed.

Cheryl Dunn illustrates the same risks, but with an ironic twist. A photograph of a makeshift igloo against a snowy black void, absurdly shows a shelter made of the stuff we are meant to escape.

The art of Amos van Gelder and Moki Mioke does something similar with symbolic juxtapositions between nature (the all-encompassing consumer) and human (the consumed and futile.) Abandonment is another facet of a home’s impermanence.

The work of Niki Feijen, which shows the dilapidated interiors of mansions, illustrates that homes of great value are not immune to the forces of nature and an individual’s waste. Feijen illustrates that home often has much more to do with ego and transactions of power, rather than purely a shelter for living.

Paz Perlman’s art is a display of involuntary abandonment. During her childhood, Perlman migrated due to geopolitical conflict, moving from place to place and proving that a “permanent” home is never guaranteed. Again, power is at play, but instead of palatial homes, people are forced into homelessness.

By combining the work of these seven artists, Home as Shelter provides a dialogue and a compelling rebuttal to what a home can offer. Specifically, they all consider the fallacy that home can offer total protection from the world around you. Our collective vision of home is not led by a textbook definition, but by forces like nature, economics, ego, and fear. What we are left with is a territorial mindset that inevitably leaves us in a state of conflict.

While this exhibition cannot possibly resolve any of these complex problems, it does provide us with an opportunity to challenge our existing beliefs.

friday30November 2018
6:31 hour

X-Mas SALE !

For a limited time Tempus Fugit, Tempus Fugit Limited edition are available at a discounted price. Also is a discounted bundle available with Tempus Fugit and Frozen !

wednesday10October 2018
20:11 hour

Limited edition prints available

Selected works are now available as limited edition signed and numbered Hahnemuhle fine-art prints through Saatchi. The catalog will be regularly updated with new works. Check it out here ;

tuesday9October 2018
6:42 hour

Disciple of Decay copy on Ebay

If you missed out on Disciple of Decay, THIS is your chance !

I put up a signed color proof copy of Discple of Decay on Ebay. This is a very rare copy of my book "Disciple of Decay".

Released in 2013, all 500 signed and numbered copies sold out within 6 months. This is one of few copies that were send to me to check and approve color calibration. The book is handsigned. It features 4 years of Urban Exploring and includes a chapter about the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone which I visited in 2010.

5 years after release Disciple of Decay is still highly sought after. Free Shipping worldwide !


monday4June 2018
6:43 hour

Irix lenses 25% discount

This is a steal folks ! The amazing 11mm lens from Irix is now even cheaper with a whopping 25% discount ! Go check it out at :

thursday3May 2018
9:38 hour

Think Tank Streetwalker Pro v2.0

For quite some time now the Streetwalker Harddrive from Think Tank Photo has been my main bag accompanying me through many decayed beauties. And to be honest It has been a perfect match. The toughness and durability of Think Tank bags are in my opinion unmatched. However lately I haven’t been carrying my laptop around and that meant I could settle with a slightly smaller backpack.

Since Think Tank released their updated 2.0 versions of their bags, the Streetwalker Pro 2.0 seems to be a perfect fit. They were so friendly to ship me a sample. When I received the bag I was a bit scared because although the difference in dimensions on paper did not look that big (The streetwalker Harddrive is 50.3x29x22cm and the Streetwalker Pro 2.0 is 47x25x21cm), it looked a lot smaller than the Streetwalker Harddrive and I wasn’t sure all my stuff could fit in.

Well, it was just an optical illusion because the bag could easily hold all of the gear I am carrying with me. Instead of the laptop compartment from the Streetwalker Harddrive, the Pro v2.0 has a nice protected sleeve to safely hold a 10” tablet. 

As with all the Think Tank bags they really know how to build rigid and durable stuff. The YKK RC Fuse zippers will always work and never fail you, no matter what conditions you are in. The padded shoulder straps are extremely comfortable and It wouldn’t be a problem to carry the bag all day long. The back panel is designed so air can pass and keep your back cool. The inside is fully customisable and you can create your own preferred layout. The tripod mount has a hidden cup you can pull out and it can easily hold my big Really Right Stuff TVC-34L with BH-55 ballhead.

There are plenty zippered compartments to hold your belongings so your passport, batteries, memory cards, keys and other small stuff can all have their own pocket.

If you face bad weather there is a rain cover included that covers the complete bag. For me personally I only used it once during a heavy thunderstorm. For some drizzle I never used the cover and it never got my equipment wet.

I have been fortunate to owning several Think Tank bags now and not one has ever failed me, not a single tear, rip or zipper fault. Even though I carry them through rubble, broken glass and barbwire. With the Streetwalker Pro v2.0 they managed to deliver another great addition to their ever expanding collection of high quality photographer bags.

thursday19April 2018
16:40 hour

What a crazy week !

just 3 weeks ago I never heard of Irix until I went in search of a wider lens than my Nikon 14-24. I found an 11mm f/4.0 created by Irix. The fairly new company released 2 lenses. A 11mm f/4.0 and a 15mm f/2.4. I asked them to take the 11mm for a testdrive to Italy and they gladly agreed. Surpised with the ultra wide 11mm I took it for a good spin. The results were amazing. Razor sharp images and almost no distortion. I contacted Irix and we had a very good chat. I personally think Irix can become a huge player in the photographyt business. That is why I am proud to tell you as of today I am officially an Irix brand ambassador ! So expect a lot of Irix related photos, videos and interviews in the near future.

tuesday17April 2018
16:43 hour

Irix 11mm f4.0 review

In 2007 Nikon released a beast of a wide-angle lens. The 14-24mm f/2.8. I bought it at the same time when I purchased my Nikon D700. Then it was my main lens on the D800 and now recently I have been using it on my D850. The wider, the better for me. Since most of the locations I shoot are small rooms my lens should be as wide as possible. 

Hoping Nikon would go even wider I waited and waited. And then in 2015 Canon released their 11-24mm. Wow, 11mm compared to my 14mm is a big difference. I envied my Canon friends but expected Nikon to follow soon and again I waited and waited. Nothing happened.

When searching for possible announcement of a new Nikon lens I stumbled upon a company called IRIX. Everybody knows Sigma, Tamron and even Tokina but very few have ever heard of IRIX. Well that’s about to change. According to their website they released two  prime lenses. A 15mm f/2.4 and a 11mm f/4.0. And there it was. My beloved 11mm lens on a website of a company nobody has heard of.

Digging a bit deeper into IRIX I found out they produce their lenses in two flavours. Both having exactly the same glass elements and features but they consist of a different housing. A rugged tough weather resistant version called Blackstone and a lightweight cheaper version called Firefly.

I looked a dozens of sample shots and to be honest I was quite impressed with the quality. The distortion seemed to be even less than my Nikon 14-24mm. But then at 11mm f/4.0 at 1/3rd of the price. I could not wait to give it a testdrive and the guys at IRIX were so kind to ship one to me.

After a few days the package was received and I could not wait to open it. In the box was some documentation, IRIX goodies and a metal container. Inside the container was a hard pouch with the lens. It was just a bit smaller then my Nikon 14-24 but the build quality about the same. It looked very promising from the start.

A few days after receiving the package I was going for a 7-day photo trip to Italy which was the perfect opportunity to bring the IRIX 11mm with me. It is a manual lens so I had to get used to use the manual focus ring. In combination with Liveview on the camera with zoom function it is really simple. The lens offers a focus lock option to secure  your setting. The focus ring is sturdy and it again it feels like a quality product.

In one of the first locations I could not wait to compare 11mm to my Nikon at 14mm and just as I thought it was a pretty big difference. Much more of the building could fit in view. During my 7 days in Italy  I used the IRIX lens for about 80% of the time. Shooting with it was easy, focussing too, even though it is a manual lens. Dark locations were no problem. Of course the aperture of f/4.0 is not as wide as Nikons f/2.8 but for me that is no issue since I only shoot from Tripod and I rarely shoot at very wide apertures.

Please see some samples shot with the Irix :

So aren’t there any downsides ? Yes there is, only one for me. The lens cap. Sometimes it can fall off but that is the same with the Nikon. Am I gonna buy one ? Yes for sure and it will be the lens which is primarily attached to the D850. Highly recommended. Irix lenses are available for Nikon, Canon and Pentax.

sunday28January 2018
17:16 hour
sunday21January 2018
0:00 hour

Tempus Fugit in Stock !

All pre-orders have been shipped and now there are plenty Tempus Fugit books in stock. The first reviews are in and they are just amazing. Thank you all.

tuesday10October 2017
11:01 hour

Ynet frontpage news

I made it to the front page of Israel's largest news site Ynet. IF you can read Hebrew you can find the article here :,7340,L-5025898,00.html

Ofcourse you can use an online translator to view it.

friday22September 2017
6:09 hour

Tempus Fugit Pre-order live !

As of today it is possible to pre-order my new book " Tempus Fugit - a Decade in Decay "


Pre-order here :

wednesday20September 2017
19:52 hour

Tempus Fugit mockup

Here is a small mockup of what the book will look like. It is massive ! 32x32cm and 256 pages in true offset print quality. Copperfoil embossed lettering over a mouldy linnen wallpaper cover. If you own Frozen or Disciple of Decay you know the quality will be stunning.

Tempus Fugit will cover my past 10 years of Urban Exploring. That means it also covers a part of the Frozen and Disciple of Decay period. That's good news for the people who missed out on Disciple of Decay. Tempus Fugit will include at least 75% photos that have not been published in one of my books before. This will be a no bullshit book. Not too much text. It is photos you want and photos you will get.

The Frozen limited edition copies sold out fast so besides the normal edition of Tempus Fugit again there will be also a limited edition of just 250 pieces. It comes signed and numbered on very nice chalk paper page and comes with a nice debossed and mouldy printed box.

Pre-order starts very soon.


monday4September 2017
0:00 hour

Tempus Fugit - a Decade in Decay

Time flies.... It has been 10 years that I first stepped inside an abandoned building. a Decade ! That will be celebrated with a brand new book : Tempus Fugit - a Decade in Decay. a big 256 page book which measures 32x32 cm. Besides the normal one there will also be a signed and numbered limited edition in a linnen case.

More info and pre-order details soon !

wednesday19July 2017
0:00 hour

Almost done

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past months. We have bought a new house and are in the progress of renovating it completely. There have been some trips in the past weeks but I do not have access to my computer yet so no photo processing. The good news is everything is almost done so expect new photos soon.

Thanks for the patience !

sunday20November 2016
19:42 hour

Moose Peterson MP-3

MindShift Gear MP-3 The guys at MindShift Gear send me the MP-3 bag, from the brand new Moose Peterson series. The bag looks a bit unusual with its big compartment flaps but those "Moose Ears" are in fact a pretty smart invention. The flaps close automatically so your gear is always protected from bad weather and in my case dusty buildings.

There are 2 small compartments and one large one designed to fit your body with a massive lens attached to it. If you already own a MindShift Gear or Think Tank Photo bag you know you how well they build their products. They can take a beating. The MP-3 is no exception to that. Sturdy canvas, heavy duty zippers and a well padded shoulder straps. Inside you find a ton of dividers in all kinds of formats. Besides zipped pockets inside the flaps I especially liked the small zippered pockets that can be placed as any divider. Perfect to store your batteries or memorycards. The bag is pretty big. The MP-3 is the middle model and it is even wider than my Think Tank Streetwalker Harddrive. I love the Moose ear system. When I take something out of my bag I have the bad habit to leave my bag open and the ears take care of that problem.

The bad thing is I never use a big tele lens so the partitioning of the compartments for me is not ideal. I hope they continue this system and make them also for smaller lenses. I would love a big compartment for most of my stuff. A medium compartment to for my body with the attached lens and one final small pocket for stuff like batteries. If you are into wildlife photography or you regularly use a large tele lens don't look any further, in the Moose Peterson series is the one you want.

monday24October 2016
6:20 hour

Exhibition at Mark Peet Visser Gallery

My exhibition : Beauty of Decay will be present at Mark Peet Visser Gallery from November 10th - December 4th. 

Opening : November 10th at 20:00
Location : Mark Peet Visser Gallery, Bastion Vught 35, 's-Hertogenbosch

See you there !

saturday1October 2016
13:06 hour

Synagogue on display at Absolute Art

Amazing colors and depth and almost no reflection on "Synagogue" with non glare Tru Vue acrylic glass. 180x120cm, Edition of 3 at Absolute Art Gallery, Belgium.

tuesday20September 2016
8:13 hour

Tru Vue @ Berliner Liste

Large format prints behind Tru Vue non glare acrylic glass at the Berliner Liste art fair 2016

tuesday31May 2016
19:44 hour

Absolute Art Gallery

The invasion of Belgium has begun ! I'm very proud that my photographs will soon be available at Absolute Art Gallery. Only premium large formats with Tru Vue museum acrylic glass.


monday7March 2016
6:17 hour

Mark Peet Visser Gallery

With great pride I can announce that my works will soon be available at Mark Peet Visser Gallery in 
's Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. They will only carry my premium artworks with non-glare museum quality acrylic glass. The first 3 large format photographs will be on display as of April. We are currently planning a solo exhibition around October.

saturday27February 2016
11:37 hour

Showcase !

Some busy weeks up ahead ! My works will be on display at two simultaneous events :

Gallery Ptah Open Deur dagen 
5&6 March and 12&13 March
Tegelen, The Netherlands
Free admission
More info :

Excellent Luxury Fair
3-6 March
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Free tickets at Gallery Rembrandt !
More info :

monday15February 2016
0:00 hour

New Gallery

Effective immediately my works are also available from Gallery Ptah in Tegelen, The Netherlands. 
Several works are already on display in large sizes up to 180x120cm.

wednesday30December 2015
22:20 hour

Happy new year !

2015 has been an amazing year for me. I made some great trips across europe and photographed several places that were high on my wanted list. I exhibited at some very cool art fairs but the main highlight was ofcourse my solo exhibition in Copenhagen.

The planning for 2016 has already started and the first trips have been planned. I wish you all a happy new year and an amazing 2016. See you soon !

- Niki

thursday26November 2015
12:53 hour

Disciple of Decay illegal copies

Unfortunately there is a user "Supersea" on Amazon that is selling unsigned and unnumbered copies of my book Disciple of Decay. These books came from a very badly printed batch that should have been destroyed. The books have been stolen and are now being sold by him.

Currently we are taking legal actions to stop this. Please do not buy the book. It is badly stitched, photos have ghosting, wrong colors and ink spots.

* As of 28/11 Amazon refunded the buyers and took care of the person in question.

thursday29October 2015
6:35 hour

Xmas Bundle

For just 2 weeks available ; a bundle consisting of a signed copy of "Frozen" and a signed Hahnemühle fine-art print of "The Wait". 

Only available from :

wednesday28October 2015
6:51 hour

Featured at Uproxx

Uproxx featured me in a very nice article :

tuesday1September 2015
16:44 hour

Non-glare acrylic glass

If you ever seen museum glass you know how fantastic it looks with its non glare look. As of today Its also possible to add non glare museum acrylic glass to my artworks which has the same amazing non glare quality as the normal glass version. Please send an inquiry when interested.

monday31August 2015
6:11 hour

Accepting new art galleries

I'm currently accepting new art galleries located world wide for both one time exhibitions (2016 and 2017) and permanent representatives of my works. Please contact me by e-mail if interested.

monday29June 2015
10:13 hour

Opening Solo Exhibition VIDI in Copenhagen

Hello from Copenhagen !
Last weekend I had a very successful preview and vernissage of my frst solo exhibition "VIDI" at Gallery Oxholm in Copenhagen. 16 large format works are on display as well as my books Disciple of Decay and Frozen. You can visit the exhibition until July 19th.

Galleri Oxholm
Ravnsborggade 5
Copenhagen, Denmark

tuesday7April 2015
20:01 hour

Think Tank StreetWalker Harddrive

After my review of the Think Tank Airport TakeOff backpack in January I talked to the guys at Think Tank Photo and the offered me another bag to review. Because my new trip did not include a flight I could settle for a smaller more compact bag. After looking at their website the Streetwalker Harddrive seemed perfect for my trips.

About a week later it was delivered to my home. As expected the bag had the same build quality as the Takeoff, that means it is build to last. It can definitely take a beating. Very thick sturdy canvas and heavy duty YKK zippers. The bag is much smaller than the TakeOff but extremely complete.

The backpack straps are one of the most comfortable ones I have ever seen, thick and padded. The backplate is also padded so it will rest softly against your back. In the middle it has an airflow channel made from breathable fabric to keep your back cool.

The 2 pockets on the front are designed to carry small stuff like papers, memory cards or batteries. I use them to carry my passport, headlight, gloves and dust mask. At the bottom a lid which pulls out a tripod cup. 2 straps with neatly designed clasps are included inside which can be attached as tripod holders. Even though I have a large Really Right Stuff TVC-34L tripod with a large BH-55 bullhead on it, the straps could easily hold the tripod firm in place. The sides also have additional pockets but I had no need for them. At the back is a padded slot to store your laptop. To my surprise my 17” Macbook Pro fitted without any problem.

When opening the StreetWalker HardDrive you can see 2 big pockets on the lid. In the top one I store my batteries and small gear in the bottom one. The inside of the base can be adjusted any way you want with velcro dividers. I really liked the default layout and just moved 2 of the dividers. A rain cover is included if you find yourself in some bad weather on the road. I carry a lot of gear like a SmallHD screen, Colorspace harddrive, several lenses, flashlights, tools and I even had space left. You get a lot of bag for your money. Even of you own two or three DSLR bodies you shouldn’t have any problems stashing them together with the rest of your gear inside.

With all my gear inside and the tripod attached the bag is pretty heavy but with the well build harness construction the weight was divided perfectly and I could carry the bag whole days without any problems.

Do I recommend this bag ? Oh yes, you will love it. It has a pretty steep price tag but you get exactly what you pay for. You won’t regret it.

This is my main bag now and Think Tank will have a tough job building something even better.

wednesday25February 2015
6:41 hour


Here is a 120x120cm "Aristocratic" acrylic glass artwork in the veranda of a german art collector.

saturday7February 2015
19:36 hour

New artworks at Rembrandt

Several new artworks have been added to the collection of Rembrandt Gallery in Eindhoven.


tuesday13January 2015
19:01 hour

Think Tank Airport TakeOff

When I planned a trip that included a flight I came to the conclusion that my current Lowepro camerabag was not really suitable as cabin gear so the search for a new bag began. The guys at Think Tank Photo were so kind to send me an Airport TakeOff backpack to take with me and put it to test on my recent Italy trip. The hybrid combination of a stroller and backpack seemed perfect and I wonder why nobody else thought of that years ago. I told them the bag would have to be pretty sturdy to survive the conditions the derelict buildings are in as well being pulled through overgrown gardens while at the same time being comfortable as I am carrying the bag a lot. I was being told that should be no problem and the asked me to write and publish an honest review. So here we go.

When I received it and took it out of the box I was a little sceptical about the dimensions and I feared the bag would never fit into the airplane cabine storage unit. There was nothing to worry because it fitted the cabin locker without any problems. You will get a LOT of bag space for your money. This bag will easily hold 2 dslr’s with lenses fitted and plenty additional gear. I managed to fit in all the gear I own and still have space left.There are many zippered pockets and I even used one to carry my passport and boarding pass.

The backpack is made from very heavy duty canvas and looks just like a normal airplane stroller but it can be transformed into a backpack in seconds. It features it retractable handle, two wheels as well as tucked away backpack straps. The build quality is simply amazing. It’s build like a tank with high quality materials. The wheels are not the average stroller plastic noisy ones but can be compared with high quality rollerblade wheels. On 2 sides there are big padded handles for lifting. The retractable handle feels a bit flimsy due to made of very light weight material and although Think Tank recommends not lifting the bag on the handle I could lift the bag easily with full gear inside. I had no problems attaching my large Really Right Stuff TVL-34 tripod to the side of the bag with the straps and included tripod cup. If you want to take your laptop on your trips, forget about taking a seperate laptop case. The Airport TakeOff features a separate front pocket for it, including a lock and cable. It fits 15” and probably even most 17” laptops.

I was a bit suprised how comfortable the backpack straps are, they are thick, padded and it gives you the feeling you are carrying a high grade backpack.

While the combination of the stroller / backpack is executed in a flawless way for me it’s just a bit too big. If you are a photographer who is also a frequent traveler you will love this bag. If they ever release a mini version of this back which is about 10cm smaller in height & width and about 5cm thinner It would be a perfect solution for me. For now, despite the size it will remain my number one bag when flights are part of my trips.

tuesday2December 2014
7:22 hour

Limited Edition Sold out !

All 150 copies of the Frozen Limited Edition have been sold. However there are still plenty copies of the normal version and just a handfull of the Frozen Collectors Edition available.

tuesday7October 2014
20:28 hour

Frozen editions

Here are the 3 different editions of Frozen.
More photos can be found at ;

thursday2October 2014
6:16 hour

New art galleries

My photographs are now available as limited edition acrylic glass artworks in 2 brand new art galleries ;

Kunsthuis Rembrandt
Kleine Berg 42, Eindhoven (NL)

Galerie Lauth
Mundenheimer Straße 252, Ludwigshafen am Rhein (DE)

monday22September 2014
18:25 hour

Frozen has been released !

I've just returned from a succesful Berliner Liste Art fair where Frozen was officially released. As of today Frozen is available for purchase exclusively through my website. If you missed out on the Pre-order, now is your chance to get a copy.

sunday3August 2014
13:04 hour

Final version Collectors Edition Box

This is the final version of the Frozen Collectors Edition acrylic glass box. The guys did an amazing job with the box lasering. Very happy with the end result !

monday21July 2014
17:35 hour

Part of the Sir Elton John photography collection

With great pride i can announce that one of my photographs is now part of the Sir Elton John photography collection. I am very honored that my name is among legendary photographers as ; Edward Weston, David LaChapelle, Diane Arbus and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

thursday17July 2014
20:45 hour

Still Frozen pre-order copies available !

There are still plenty copies of Frozen available for pre-order. Only the limited edition has sold out. Of the Collectors Edition there are are also just a handdul of copies available.

wednesday16July 2014
7:04 hour

First sample Collectors Edition Box

Yesterday I received the first try-out for the Frozen Collectors Edition box. The font is not the right one and the layout need some tweaks but it will give you an idea of what it will look like. The box measures 37 x 37 cm.

saturday12July 2014
16:09 hour

All Limited Edition pre-order copies SOLD OUT

As of today it's not possible anymore to pre-order the Limited Edition of Frozen. Already 80% of all 150 copies have been sold and the rest will be sold at and after the official release in September.

sunday22June 2014
9:47 hour

Where are these places ?

I get at least a dozen questions a day where a certain place is. Everytime I have to give the same answer.

To protect the locations from (copper)thieves, vandals and graffiti taggers, locations are never revealed. It's a true shame but I have witnessed amazing preserved locations being smashed to pieces and covert in graffiti in just weeks. The only thing I can say is that they are scattered across Europe.

I hope you all can understand.

friday20June 2014
21:44 hour

Featured on ABCnews

And now ABCnews did an article and gallery on Frozen ;

friday20June 2014
16:32 hour
tuesday17June 2014
21:40 hour

Gallery problems fixed

My technical guy is amazing, thanks Jeroen :)

tuesday17June 2014
7:17 hour

Problems with the Gallery

Due to some technical changes the Gallery section is not working like it should. We are aware of this problem. If you click one of the "Latest shots" on the right you can access the gallery on a slightly different way. The problem will be fixed as soon as possible.

monday16June 2014
21:37 hour

Frozen Pre-Order started !

As of today, my new upcoming book “Frozen” can be pre-ordered through my website.

Frozen will be officially launched during the Berliner Liste - Fair for Contemporary Art in September. All pre-orders are guaranteed of a copy. 

A lot of people missed out on my previous book “Disciple of Decay” which sold out completely within just 6 months so Pre-order now and a copy of Frozen is yours !

monday12May 2014
21:05 hour

Frozen official release

My new book "Frozen" will be officialy released at the Berliner Liste Art Fair 2014 ! Ofcourse all the people who will pre-order are guaranteed of a copy.

Frozen has a white velvet cover, 184 pages at thick 175gr paper and will come in 3 editions. All editions are in large format 28x28cm offset print. A Belly band with silver writing has the titel and also the edition type.

Besides a normal edition there will be 150 pieces limited edition which are signed, numbered 51 to 200 and will be beautifully presented in a custom logo embossed clamshell box.

The very limited 50 pieces collectors edition has the same as the limited edition but numbered 1 to 50 and comes with silver painted paper edges, a deckle edged Hahnemühle fine art print signed and numbered the equal number as the book. 

Pre-order starts in a few weeks.

monday28April 2014
7:22 hour

Italy trips

I've just returned from 2 wonderful photo trips to italy. A total of 7000km driven and visited 26 abandoned locations. From massive villas to forgotten hotels and decaying churches. Many thanks to Martin Widlund, Willem van Dijke and especially Paul Morris who managed to spend 10 days with me on the road ! Every day new shots !

tuesday15April 2014
20:38 hour

Plenty of new shots

Just one day before the Kolner liste I've returned from an awesome 5 day Italy tour. Beautiful weather and amazing abandoned locations. I try to add a new shot every day. Italy trip part II coming up really soon !

sunday30March 2014
22:29 hour

New website live !

Finally my new website is here !

Expect additional features and info in upcoming weeks as well as new details about my new book "Frozen"

wednesday19March 2014
19:29 hour

Rebuilding the site

Sorry for the mess people, currently converting the site into a brand new layout !

thursday6March 2014
7:12 hour

Exhibition at the K├Âlner Liste

I will be showing my work at the Kölner Liste art fair from 10 - 13th of April 2014. Special opening at April 9th.

More info at ;

friday17January 2014
7:23 hour

New book coming !

Disciple of Decay sold out within 6 months and that exceeded my wildest dreams. This year it's time for a new chapter. I started working on my new book : Frozen. A brand new book filled with abandoned places all over the world. It will have the same size as Disciple of Decay (28x28cm) but now a staggering 184 pages ! Besides the normal edition there will be a Limited and a Collectors editon available. Expected release date is at the end of this year. To be notified when pre-ordering is available you can leave your details at the "Order Book" section in the menu.

friday17January 2014
6:45 hour

Paypal available for prints.

If you want to purchase one of my photographs in my gallery as a print, you can now also use Paypal  as a payment method.

friday1November 2013
6:01 hour

LAST copy of Disciple of Decay

All 500 copies of my book Disciple of Decay have been sold. However for an awesome charity cause i have put my own copy, nr. 2 of 500 on Ebay.

Bid generously at ;

tuesday8October 2013
19:32 hour

New Fine-Art signed print

My Chernobyl bumper car photo is now available as a signed and numbered fine-art print. Sized 20x30 cm in an edition of 100. Free shipping world wide.

monday7October 2013
21:24 hour

Disciple of Decay SOLD OUT

In April 2013 I self published and released my book "Disciple of Decay". A large format book with over 150 pages of the finest places in decay strictly limited to one printed edition of 500 pieces, all signed and numbered. The demand for the book exceeded my wildest dreams. All 500 pieces were sold within 6 months. Thank you all so much for your support !!

monday23September 2013
21:02 hour

Berliner Liste 2013

I've just returned from my first exposition during the Berliner Liste art fair in Berlin. It was a very nice and successfull fair for me. A lot of interest for my works and I've met some really nice people. Next year I will be definately attending again. 

wednesday26June 2013
22:08 hour

Back in stock !

Today the very last batch of Disciple of Decay arrived. If you want a copy now is the time to order. There will be just one printed edition of 500 pieces, all signed and numbered.

tuesday25June 2013
6:50 hour

Disciple of Decay expected tomorrow !

The second and last batch of my book Disciple of Decay is expected to arrive at my place tomorrow. Ofcourse they will be send out as soon as possible. There are still books available for those interested. Limited to 500 pieces worldwide, all signed and numbered. After the 500 have sold out there will not be another press.

friday31May 2013
21:54 hour
wednesday29May 2013
6:35 hour

In the media...

2 Brand new media publications :

The first one is from Arts Holland :

And the second one is an article in Dutch national paper "Algemeen Dagblad" ;



tuesday28May 2013
7:03 hour

Disciple of Decay delivery

The second and last shipment of Disciple of Decay has a small delay and is expected to arrive at my place June 25th. All orders will be send out within a few days after that. To be clear there will be just 500 signed and numbered books pressed in total. There are still books available at this moment.

sunday19May 2013
15:26 hour

Photos from my book.

I just uploaded a small gallery which has some shots from my book "Disciple of Decay"

Gallery at ;

wednesday1May 2013
0:17 hour

My book "Disciple of Decay" is now available.

My very own book "Disciple of Decay" can now be ordered through this website. Just 500 available worldwide. It measures 28x28 cm and has over 150 pages. All books are signed and numbered. Featuring 5 years of Urban Exploring in Europe.

tuesday30April 2013
20:19 hour

Featured in the Daily Mail

What's happening.... Yesterday featured in the Huffington Post en today in the Daily Mail :

monday29April 2013
8:46 hour

Huffington Post frontpage

I was wondering where all the visitors to my website and facebook came from. Well... I'm on the FRONT page of the Huffington Post ! Isn't that awesome ?

For all it's readers : The photos that were published consist of 4 different farmhouses, all in western Europe.

sunday28April 2013
20:44 hour

Online order & payment

As of today you can order and pay Disciple of Decay directly from my website. Several payment possibilities have been added to make the ordering as easy as possible.

friday26April 2013
20:30 hour

The Eagle Has Landed !

Ladies and Gentlemen, today my book Disciple of Decay has officially been released ! Thank you for all the pre-orders which exceeded all expectations. However there are still enough books available. Order your copy now, just 500 signed and numbered copies available worldwide !

thursday28March 2013
7:12 hour

Disciple of Decay being pressed !

All the stuff for my upcoming book : "Disciple of Decay" has been send to the press office ! So if everything works out according to plan, the books will arrive at my place last week of April. Ofcourse i will send them out as fast as possible. Pre-ordering is still possible.

To be clear ; Disciple of Decay will appear as just ONE very limited edition of 500 pieces. There will be no 2nd press of the book. So if you want a copy, make your reservation.

saturday2March 2013
19:41 hour

Snowy trips

I survived two awesome multiday trips. The first trip crossed Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland, lasted 4 days and in the end we hit an insane 3500 km. Together with Martin Widlund and Andreas Swane and straight through snowblizzards, narrow forrest roads and horror penzions in the middle of nowhere. Even though it was an extremely tight schedule we visited almost every location on the list. I had a blast. Thanks guys.

Just a week later a 3 day trip through snowy mountains and asbestos filled tunnels with mister Lucas "Photoportee" and Norbert Löv. I have never seen so many snow and accidents while driving. Driving 300km over snow covered roads at night dimly lit by my car's headlights is a very scary experience and not very good for your neck and shoulder muscles :) But it all was so wrorth it. 

2 epic journeys and lots of stories to remember !

monday11February 2013
23:42 hour

a Trey Ratcliff style HDR

Something else for a change. This time no urbex shot but a nice shot of TerWorm castle at blue hour. Processed in a Trey Ratcliff style HDR while not oversaturating the colors. 

Prints are available in different sizes from my Smugmug shop :

monday11February 2013
23:39 hour

I found my way to Google+


You can also add me to your circles now on Google+ ! Still figuring out how it all works but hey, i'm there :

friday1February 2013
7:09 hour

Fading Memories on

Today I got my 8th photograph published on curated photography site ! Very happy about this because every photo displayed has been hand picked by a curator. See "Fading Memories" at :!/photo/57009/

thursday24January 2013
7:19 hour

Yay ! 2 spots on 500px best 2012 urbex photos

Awesome, Famous photo site made a list of the 10 best urban exploring photographs uploaded last year. Guess what ? I got 2 spots on that list !

sunday20January 2013
21:51 hour

New gallery includes SmugMug !

The new gallery is online with sharper and larger photographs. Above all, easier navigatien and the ability to purchase photographs ! Social Media is integrated so you can share my photographs with your friends. All powered by SmugMug.

tuesday15January 2013
6:54 hour

Disciple of Decay book : Pre-Order

Now you can register to be notified when my book "Disciple of Decay" is available. Also now it's possible to pre-order the book to be certain you get one of just 500 copies worldwide !

Go here :

friday11January 2013
6:30 hour

Disciple of Decay

My very own book : Disciple of Decay will be released around April this year.

a Very high quality book limited to just 500 pieces and will contain over 150 pages on a  28 x 28 cm format. The pages are 170 gr. and will have a matte finish. Every book will be handnumbered and signed. Soon there will be a possibility to enter your name on a list so you will be the first to know when it's out. At first it is exclusively available through my website.

monday10December 2012
6:33 hour

Official Facebook Page

Besides my personal Facebook page, there is also an official Art of Urbex Fan page. Here all the latest photos and other important information will be shared :

tuesday4December 2012
7:39 hour

Emerging Talent @ Chase Jarvis Blog

I'm Currently featured as "Emerging Talent" on Chase Jarvis' blog. Read all about it at :

tuesday30October 2012
16:42 hour

Another addition

My "Art Deco Beehive" shot from the Theatre des Reines was selected among the best photographs out there to be published on

sunday28October 2012
22:07 hour

New camera

As of today i got the almighty Nikon D800 as my primary camera. Easier bracketing is one huge advantage and of course the massive 36 Megapixel sensor.
thursday4October 2012
23:26 hour

4 Page publication in

In this months edition of Zoom magazine an extremely positive 4 page portfolio review of my work. Really proud of it !

thursday4October 2012
23:24 hour

1st prize !

I won the 1st prize in a Architectural Photo contest with my "Enlightment" shot !

friday31August 2012
21:27 hour

Back from tour

Just returned from a big tour with the one and only Mr. Martin Widlund. Visited a lot of really nice places in France and Belgium. Everyday new pics in the gallery !

monday23July 2012
7:11 hour

Limited Edition Fine Art prints

Now it's possible to order a photograph as a Limited Edition Giclee fine art print. The quality of the giclee print rivals traditional silver-halide and gelatin printing processes and is commonly found in museums, art galleries, and photographic galleries.

Sizes are available in 70x50cm and 100x70cm. Tey are all hand signed & numbered. Every size has just a very limited quantity of 10 pieces and is printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Bright White 310 gr/m2 paper.

thursday19July 2012
15:46 hour


I processed another "forgotten" photo from Chateau Lumiere. It's called "Bath" and you can find it in the Chateau Lumiere Gallery

monday16July 2012
11:33 hour

Lux Aeterna

I really cannot get enough of the Du Loup stairs so i in the Gallery is now the absolutely very last photo of the du Loup stairs. I don't have any more angles so now it's really the last one. I kept tonemapping really subtle so the orginal colours come out very nice.

tuesday26June 2012
22:04 hour

UE magazine interview

Thanks to GERV from you can read my interview over here :

sunday17June 2012
11:47 hour

Interview in UE Magazine !

I'm currently featured in a 4-page interview in UE Magazine ! a great high quality magazine dedicated to Urban Exploring. Get your copy over here;

sunday17June 2012
11:46 hour

Domain problems

There are some problems to move the domain so for now only is working...

friday25May 2012
16:55 hour

...and we are LIVE !!

After a lot of hours my new website with brand new logo is online ! Custom CMS driven. All menu options including the guestbook are online. Thanks for stopping by !

sunday13May 2012
17:53 hour

Another layout change

Hi Folks,

Again the layout will change over the next few weeks. New logo and also new features on the site. There may be some downtime while transferring the site.

In the meantime check for the latest updates my page at :

tuesday24April 2012
0:00 hour

Photo community sites

I'm on several photo community sites now... Here is the complete list :
If you are on facebook please like all my photos.....

Flickr : :

500px :

Zoom :

wednesday18April 2012
0:00 hour

2nd photo on

Yes !! a second photo of mine has been published on What makes 1x different from other photo sites is that every photo displayed has been hand picked by a curator.
Because of that is the leading site on high quality photography so i'm really excited about my photos being published !


You can find it over here :

tuesday17April 2012
0:00 hour

New trips planned

In a few weeks i'll depart for a trip to France . And a few weeks later a Germany adventure. Expect epic urbex locations !!

thursday12April 2012
0:00 hour

Published on !!

Yihaaa, my photo got selected to join the creme de la creme of photos published on !!/photo/49697

Artworks Available at :

Gallery Rembrandt, Netherlands
Galleri Oxholm, Denmark
Saatchi Art (online)

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