Thank you for taking an interest in my work.

Selected photographs on my website are available for purchase in limited edition acrylic glass artworks as seen at my exhibitions and art fairs. They come in limited quantity and include a signature and certificate of authenticity.

The photograph will be set onto Fuji Crystal DP II paper using the renowned Durst Lambda laser exposure system. It will then be traditionally developed using photo chemicals. Crystal DP II is Fujicolor’s highest quality photo paper for gallery prints, boasting an extremely broad color spectrum and brilliance that lasts for at least 75 years.

In a delicate process, your photo will be sealed behind a polished, premium acrylic glass sheet using durable elastic silicone, leaving it completely free of tears and bubbles. The acrylic glass enhances the luminosity of the photograph and gives it incredible depth. It also offers your photo natural protection against UV rays, thereby helping to prevent loss of color.

The aluminum Dibond backing is known for its extreme stability and low weight. The composite material consists of two platinum-white aluminum sheets with a polyethylene core and includes metal rails running along the back which let you attach your work to the wall easily and securely.

Special arrangements can be made for viewing of sample artworks prior to sale. Please inquire for price quote and sizes

a catalog of currently available artworks can be seen HERE.

Selected works are now on display and available at the following Art Galleries ;

Kunsthuis Rembrandt
Kleine Berg 42, Eindhoven

Galerie Lauth
Mundenheimer Straße 252, Ludwigshafen am Rhein (DE)

Email :
Phone : +31 6 319 566 64

Artworks Available at :

Rembrandt, Eindhoven (NL)
Galerie Lauth, Ludwigshafen (DE)

Next Exhibition / Art Fair

Art Karlsruhe, 5-8 March
Kölner Liste, 16-19 April
Kunstraum Ailinger, Berlin, Q2
KUNZfetti, Sittard, 14-17 May
Art Copenhagen 17-20 September
Berliner Liste, 17-20 September
AAF Hamburg, 19-22 November


Email :
Phone : +31 (0)6 319 566 64
Also for commercial price quotes