Frozen is now in stock !

The official release of Frozen at the Berliner Liste art fair was a huge success. For those of you who missed out on the pre-order, now you can order your own copy of Frozen right here !

Frozen is available in 3 editions. Just 200 books in total are signed and numbered. 150 of them are in the Limited Edition and 50 in the Collectors edition. The Limited and Collectors edition have the exact same as the normal Frozen book + the extra's mentioned. 

Photos of the book can be found here ;


- 28x28 cm
- 170 gr. thick pages
- 184 pages
- Offset print quality
- White velvet cover with embossed logo
- Belly-band with title in silver lettering
- Includes detailed step-by step processing tutorial

€ 49,95

Frozen Limited Edition

+ Just 150 available
+ Logo embossed white linnen clamshell case
+ Special Limited Edition Belly-band
+ Signed
+ Numbered 51 - 200
The Limited Edition is for the person who wants just that bit of extra. A signed and numbered edition of Frozen inside a beautiful crafted embossed linnen clamshell box.

€ 84,95

Frozen Collectors Edition

+ Just 50 available
+ Large 37x37cm plexiglass laser etched “frozen” box
+ Special Collectors Edition belly-band
+ Silver painted paper edges
+ Signed
+ Numbered 1-50
+ Very rare Hahnemühle 37x37cm Fine-art print, signed & numbered same as the book
+ Possibility for custom handwritten note inside the book
+ Access to the original RAW files of the photo from the tutorial
Especially for the true collector. A signed copy of frozen inside a large hand-made plexiglass collectors box. The book itself is "floating" centered in the box in a frame. Brushed cover with clear text Frozen Collectors Edition engraved. At the back a numbered and signed deckle edged fine-art print is included. These are going fast.

€ 349,95

Artworks Available at :

Gallery Rembrandt, Eindhoven
Galerie Lauth, Ludwigshafen
Galleri Oxholm, Copenhagen

Next Exhibition / Art Fair

Art Karlsruhe, 5-8 March
Kölner Liste, 16-19 April
KUNZfetti, Sittard, 14-17 May
Solo Exhibition VIDI 27/06 - 20/07
Art Copenhagen 17-20 September
Berliner Liste, 17-20 September
AAF Hamburg, 19-22 November


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