Dutch photographer Niki Feijen immortilizes an astonishingly intact glimpse into the past. This autodidact specializes in documenting and capturing historic architecture and abandoned buildings. He does not use any artificial light sources but instead uses subtle HDR technique to capture the broad spectrum of natural light in the dim lit locations.

In a dark setting without using artificial lighting, the highlights, like windows tend to wash out to white, or the darks simply become big black blobs. It’s impossible to shoot a photo that captures both ends of this spectrum. With his HDR technique Niki uses different exposures which capture a much wider light spectrum than a traditional photograph.

The result is a hyper realistic photo with an unusually high dynamic range that couldn’t otherwise be achieved in a single photograph. The final image would replicate the exact same thing you would see standing inside the location yourself.

In 2010, Niki visited the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, the ultimate deserted location. Before the nuclear disaster, the city of Pripyat had 50,000 inhabitants. After the catastrophic nuclear accident in 1986, the entire city was evacuated within 48 hours. With the mass abondonment, it was as if time was stopped, leaving thousands of hermited homes, still furnished with the former occupant’s belongings. They never returned to their homes again. Now, more than 25 years later the silence is deafening, like stepping into a deserted kindergarten still filled with dolls, toys, children's shoes and children’s gas masks, leaving an incredible impression.

Now he is travelling around the globe looking for these hidden gems, tucked away behind  'do not enter' signs. Curious about what lies on the 'other side’, he goes in search of a world hidden in plain sight. Coming across impressive yet eerie locations, such as homes located in ghost towns, lost asylums, decaying hospitals, abandoned castles and long forgotten hotels. Capturing forgotten architectural masterpieces before they will crumble and collapse.

To share these impressions, Niki independently published his first book called ‘Disciple of Decay’ in April of 2013. It sold out within 6 months. In September of 2014 his second book "Frozen" was released. He caught the attention of the media and his work was showcased by NBC, The Huffington Post, ABCnews, The Daily mail and Chase Jarvis among others. His work is now on display in art galleries and art fairs.

Artworks Available at :

Rembrandt, Eindhoven (NL)
Abraham Art, Eindhoven (NL)
Galerie Lauth, Ludwigshafen (DE)

Next Exhibition / Art Fair

Art Karlsruhe, 5-8 March 2015
Kölner Liste, 16-19 April 2015
Kunstraum Ailinger, Berlin, Q2 2015


Email : mail@nikifeijen.com
Phone : +31 (0)6 319 566 64
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